Lift Equipment Offers Solutions for Rising Warehouse Heights

Many companies are responding to the increasing cost of real estate by building warehouses that are taller rather than wider. And makers of lift trucks and other industrial equipment are responding by offering more electrical powered vehicles that are designed for high-density facilities that feature narrow aisles. Why electric? Because unlike machines powered by internal … Read more

Aerial Work Platform Safety Tips

Aerial work platforms make it simpler to perform tasks at elevated heights. But by their very nature, aerial lifts are potentially hazardous. Even the smallest mistake by workers can result in a fall that could result in injury or even death. That’s why it’s critical for workers to always follow aerial work platform safety procedures … Read more

World’s Oldest Skyjack Scissors Lift Still on the Job after 29 Years

A scissors lift being used practically every day by a company in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, for the past 29 years has been recognized as the world’s oldest working Skyjack lift, according to a company news release. The SJ-006-10 lift used by Kraner Electrical was manufactured shortly after Skyjack was created in 1984. The company’s owners … Read more

Aerial Work Platform Safety: Up and Down

Aerial Work Platform Safety cannot be stressed enough. On average, 50 people a year are killed while using them. This number does not even encompass accidents involving the operator and bystanders; both reported and not reported. Most, if not all, of the deaths and injury can easily be avoided by a few simple rules. Following … Read more

Aerial Lift Safety

Operating an aerial lift , whether it is a scissors lift, articulating boom lift, telescopic boom lift or another type,  presents actual a variety of dangers to both workers using the lifts and others in the area. Most lifts are powered by hydraulics, so there is always the risk of a crushing injury whenever the lift … Read more

Understanding The Different Types of Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts is a topic not easily understood primarily because few individuals can afford to own them and most outfits rent a lift for a specific time period, returning it when the lift is no longer needed to the specific job. Consequently, too few managers or workers are familiar with all the different types of … Read more

How To Operate A Material Lift Equipment – Cherry Picker

Material lifts are equipments used to lift or raise someone a higher level for a certain purpose. This equipment is often used in washing windows for tall buildings, painting walls, construction, manufacturing, warehouses, telephone service companies, cable services and electrical companies. The operator should attend training and seminar for safe operation. It is advised that … Read more

What Is An Aerial Vertical Personnel Lift?

Aerial  Vertical Personnel Lift  or sometimes called as cherry picker is the simplest aerial lift. It is only intended to carry one person and only a very limited amount of tools and equipments. It simply means light weight with the capacity of about 300 pounds.  It can be able to reach 50 feet. Its advantage … Read more

Our Material Handling Equipment Catalog Is Accessible Online!

No one knows material handling equipment better than we do! As a longtime dealer of high quality industrial supplies and equipment from trusted manufacturers, we are proud to have built up our inventory of warehouse supplies and material handling equipment throughout the years. Our catalog which now lists more than 10,000 items is available online … Read more

Rough Terrain Forklifts & Aerial Lifts: Indispensable Misc Equipment for Large Scale Industrial Operations – Part 4

Bahrns Equipment carries a wide assortment of aerial lifts and personnel lifts! Aerial Lifts Aerial lifts or personnel lifts allow workers to access hard-to-reach areas such as the upper floors of a multi-storey building, ceilings and the top levels of storage racks. Aerial lifts provide workers with a stable platform when working at very high … Read more