Integrating Management Systems Lead to a More Efficient Warehouse

Like it or not, this is the time of “big data.” Analytic software is helping businesses streamline their operations resulting in more profits and more efficient operation. Warehouse managers are already taking advantage of management systems including lift truck fleet management and labor management. These systems have been used separately to make forklift fleets and … Read more

Lift Equipment Offers Solutions for Rising Warehouse Heights

Many companies are responding to the increasing cost of real estate by building warehouses that are taller rather than wider. And makers of lift trucks and other industrial equipment are responding by offering more electrical powered vehicles that are designed for high-density facilities that feature narrow aisles. Why electric? Because unlike machines powered by internal … Read more

Toyota takes the cake in Euro-airport logistics

When we think logistics, we think trucks, forklifts and warehouses-and we often forget one of the biggest components of the global supply chain-the airport. Europe’s airports are among the largest movers of goods, and the equipment used to get all the work done is quite unique. One company- Toyota Material Handling Europe (THME) is leading the way … Read more

Planned Replacement of Lift Trucks Can Save You Money Over Time

Having a planned replacement strategy for your fleet of lift trucks and other materials handling equipment is the key to maximizing your fleet’s value and reducing overall operating and maintenance costs. Generally, lift trucks have a useful life of about 10,000 to 12,000 operational hours, depending on maintenance practices, operating conditions and the type of … Read more

Mobile Robots Make Warehouse Ops Cheaper and More Efficient

mobile robots for warehousesMobile robots have been used in manufacturing for decades, but thanks to their shrinking costs and the needs for businesses to increase efficiencies and lower expenses, they are starting to appear more frequently in warehouse and distribution applications.

Corey Ryan, medical account manager for KUKA Robotics, based in Shelby Township, Michigan, said that in recent years robots have been showing up in more and more businesses, not just manufacturing.

“We increased interest in mobile robotics across all industries,” Ryan told the website Robotics Online. “The ability of one mobile robot to service several locations and perform a greatly expanded  range of task offers a great appeal for specialized applications.”

Giant Eagle Uses Robots to Cut Warehouse Costs

One success story is Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle, a leading supermarket chain that operates in four Eastern states. The company currently is using pallet-handling mobile robots in its 440,000-square-foot food  distribution center outside of Pittsburgh. Four double pallet robots, which resemble driver-less forklift truck, handle much of the facility’s putaway operations. Another four mobile robots are being used at a Giant Eagle distribution center in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Telescopic Handlers and Boom Attachments for Forkifts

Telescopic Handlers and Forklift Boom Attachments
Telescopic Handler

A telescopic handler is sort of a hybrid between a forklift and a crane. Its versatile telescopic arm can extend forwards and upwards from the vehicle and the end can be fitted with various attachments, including a bucket, pallet forks, a muck grab or a lift table. This sort of vehicle is used widely in industry and agriculture.

It’s commonly fitted with pallet forks to move loads to and from areas not accessible by forklifts. For example, a telescopic handler can be used to remove pallets from a trailer and place them on rooftops or other high places. It is often used instead of a crane, which is not always practical or cost-efficient.

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Making Your Facility’s Loading Docks Safe For All, Part 2

Eco-Max Micron Pallet Wrap
Eco-Max Micron Pallet Wrap.

Last time, we considered the loading docks at your distribution center or warehouse, and how a few simple changes can make a world of difference in personnel safety. Now let’s continue with more tips for improving safety at the docks!

One kind of potential hazard at any loading dock is when a pallet gets damaged or breaks while being moved. A way to reduce the danger associated with a load of materials shifting or falling because of a broken pallet is to create and adopt a system to check pallets. Workers might inspect pallets either before or after a certain number of uses. And if a pallet has a noticeable defect but is already loaded with goods, make sure the workers at the loading dock know to have the products moved to a safe pallet. These steps not only make good sense for employee and bystander safety, but they can reduce incidents of damaged goods and equipment.

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Making Your Facility’s Loading Docks Safe For All, Part 1

In many warehouses and distribution centers, a loading dock is the center of a lot of activity. For most companies, the dock is where supplies come in and where products go out. As one of the key “organs” of your company’s “body”, loading docks give shipping trucks and personnel easy access to storage areas and … Read more

Making Your Workplace Safe For Changing Forklift Batteries

Industrial forklifts that are battery powered are used in an increasing variety of manufacturing and warehouse operations. Today’s electric batteries provide benefits like reduced emission, which helps many businesses (from small, family-owned groups to large corporations), achieve “green” goals regarding environmental responsibility. The other obvious benefits of today’s electric lift trucks are longer running times … Read more

Proper Forklift Operation Prevents Injury and Product Damage

Every material handling operation requires different equipment and tools, depending on the types of material you’re moving around. Handling large items and material often requires a lift truck. Deciding when to invest in a forklift, and which one to buy, is a common challenge faced by businesses. Likewise, once the lift truck is purchased, it’s … Read more