For Smaller Projects, Renting Equipment Is the Best Solution

Whether you are a homeowner or a small contractor, occasionally projects are going to come up that require bigger and more powerful tools than you currently own. An example might be unloading a palletized delivery of topsoil for your home’s backyard. Or, if you are a contractor, moving a truckload of supplies from a flatbed … Read more

Preparing Your Business for Hurricanes, Floods, and Other Natural Disasters

In addition to killing dozens of people, last month’s Hurricane Harvey caused billions of dollars of damages to homes and businesses in East Texas. While high winds of more than 120 mph damaged roofs and caused other structure damage, most of the problems actually were caused by the massive flooding caused by the storm surge, … Read more

Is a Low-Cost Lift Right For You?

  Like many products, dealers are selling forklifts on a good, better, best strategy. Of course, the mid-range lift truck market will account for most of the sales. The larger warehouses favor the upper tier premium trucks that feature the bells and whistles including data capturing ability and integration ability with warehouse management software. The … Read more

OSHA Regulations for Powered Industrial Trucks – Part V – Checklist

In Part One of my series on OSHA Regulations Concerning Industrial Trucks, I discussed responsibilities warehouse executive have in assure safe forklift operations. In part Two, I discussed what OSHA expected warehouses to do concerning the training of forklift operators. In Part Three, I covered OSHA requirements concerning pre-use inspections and operations of a forklift. … Read more

OSHA Regulations Pertaining to Powered Industrial Trucks – Part I

If you are a warehouse manager, then you are well aware of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the U.S. government agency responsible for the safe use of powered industrial trucks also known as forklifts. The actual regulation that covers powered industrial truck use is OSHA Rule 1910.178, which provides a detailed explanation of … Read more

Self-Driving Trucks Are Coming

In recent years we’ve been hearing about some major companies as well as automobile manufacturers developing self-driving cars. Google, Apple, BMW, Ford and other carmakers are experimenting with it and have predicted that they will be available by 2020. Tesla has recently released its Autopilot feature, which is software that can self-drive a Tesla Model … Read more

June 16th Will Be National Forklift Safety Day

Mark your calendars: Tuesday, June 16th is National Forklift Safety Day. The third annual event is sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association and its purpose is to bring more focus to the safe use of forklifts and the importance or providing the appropriate training to forklift operators. According to the ITA, National Forklift Safety Day … Read more

Toyota Testing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Forklifts

The Prefectural Government of Kanagawa in Japan, Toyota and three private sector companies have partnered to create a low-carbon hydrogen supply chain that will produce hydrogen to be used in fuel cells to power forklifts. Electricity produced at the Yokohama City Wind Power Plant will be used to electrolyze hydrogen that will be compressed, stored … Read more

Nexen Unveils New Electric Lift Trucks

  Nexen has introduced a new three and four-wheel electric lift truck. The lift has a 1600-2000kg capacity and comes in both long and short wheelbase. The lift trucks feature high capacity DIN-STD batteries for multiple shift operations and include fast and easy side entry battery removal. The trucks have been pre-launch tested and they … Read more

Linde Ensures More Safety With Speed Assist System

Linde Material Handling, a well-known global industrial truck manufacturer, has introduced a new driver assistance system to ensure the safe operation of forklift trucks. Called “Speed Assist,” the system helps forklift operators drive more safely by reducing their speed when entering a warehouse. The system includes radar sensors mounted to the overhead guard of the … Read more