Kubota Unveils New Series Of Compact Powered Rakes

Kubota is now offering the CSR 10 series Compact Powered Rakes. Made by Land Pride for Kubota, the rake is ideal for seedbed prep. It includes a CII hitch that accommodates most compact utility loaders. It also has direct drive, and offers manual or hydraulic angling. Used for landscaping or in construction, the powered rake … Read more

Signs That Pallet Racking Could Fail

One very important material-handling item that might not be sufficiently checked on a regular basis is pallets. For example, it isn’t uncommon for a forklift to drive into a pallet racking that can result in damage that may not be observed unless there are routine inspections. A minor impact could at some time or another … Read more

Kubota Oil Filter

If you own a new Kubota tractor, then it is already equipped with a genuine Kubota oil filter. The filter is designed to eliminate destructive impurities from the engine oil during normal use of the tractor. The filter includes an internal steel cap that is bonded to the filter with oil resistant adhesive to increase … Read more

Tuning Your Mower

About now as we reach summer, one of the most important vehicles at your home is the lawnmower. You’re probably relying on it at most once a week. You want it to work properly. One way to assure that your mower is always in tip-top shape is to tune it. It is said that a … Read more

Kubota Genuine Replacement Parts

Kubota OEM Belts

Kubota parts are specifically designed to make your Kubota product operate like new no matter its age. You may not be aware there is a difference between genuine Kubota OEM replacement parts and off brand replacement parts besides price. But genuine OEM parts for any brand are designed inside and out for the piece of … Read more

You Don’t Have To Buy A Brand New Kubota Tractor

Bahrns Equipment Kubota Dealer

Farmers and others who have need for a tractor may opt to buy a brand new one when they think their old reliable has reached the end of its journey. The fact is, if you’re the owner of a Kubota tractor, then odds are that machine has more life to it than you may realize. … Read more

Kubota Hydraulic Filters

Just as with oil or air filters, hydraulic filters are essential to assure that no damaging particles get into the hydraulic system of a tractor. Kubota offers hydraulic filters. Their filters are designed to remove harmful contaminants from hydraulic systems. This helps to protect sensitive valves and hydrostatic transmission components. The Kubota hydraulic filter features: … Read more

Kubota Mower Belts

Kubota OEM Belts

It is essential for all components of a lawn mower work in conjunction with each other. That is no less so for Kubota lawn mowers. The company offers OEM mower belts that are designed to improve performance during heavy mowing use. They are specifically designed to meet specifications unique to Kubota mowers and have been … Read more

Ways To Augment Your Warehouse Operations

The width of aisles are an important factor in warehouse efficiency.

A business that wants to be successful in the long run never stops thinking of ways to improve the business. Even when things are going well, it can always be better. A warehouse is such a business that should never be satisfied with the present. Like any other business managers, warehouse managers should be always … Read more