Kubota Mower Belts

It is essential for all components of a lawn mower work in conjunction with each other. That is no less so for Kubota lawn mowers. The company offers OEM mower belts that are designed to improve performance during heavy mowing use. They are specifically designed to meet specifications unique to Kubota mowers and have been tested to assure that they perform as expected.

Kubota mower belt test results affirm that the genuine mower belt lasts long than any of the company’s aftermarket competitors. In fact, the belts last about 3 times longer than aftermarket competitors.

The belts have been manufactured and design to provide a number of advantages to your Kubota mower. For example:

• The cord of the belt is structured to a specific alignment line that allows it to absorb equal energy for proper tension and strength.
• A fiber-enforced rubber supports the cord to maintain the structure of the belt and cord position.
• The material and structure of the two-layer bottom of the belt resists high temperatures, wear and cracking.

The belts are made of cushioned nylon fiber-reinforced chloroprene rubber and the cord is constructed of polyester, which is thicker than the polyester used by the aftermarket competition. The belt features two layers of rubber at its bottom while aftermarket competitors use one layer of rubber. The chloroprene rubber of the Kubota belt resists heat better than natural and styrene-butadiene rubber, which is used by Kubota’s aftermarket competitors.

The chloroprene rubber of the Kubota mower belts is reinforced with nylon fiber while Kubota’s aftermarket competitors use a cotton fiber to reinforce their natural and styrene-butadiene rubber.

In addition, the Kubota mower belt is covered with a polyester/cotton fabric while the aftermarket competitors’ belt is covered with just cotton.

Replacing A Kubota Mower Belt

Kubota OEM replacement belts are manufactured using cushioned nylon fiber-reinforced chloroprene rubber with a cord that’s constructed of polyester.

To replace the belt on a Kubota mower you will have to remove the deck from underneath the machine, pull off the old belt and install a new belt around the pulleys in the appropriate configuration.

Instructions for removing the worn belt and replacing it with an authentic Kubota OEM mower belt follow.

1. Park the mower on a level surface, engage the parking brake and remove the key from the ignition.
2. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug to assure that the mower will not accidently start.
3. Adjust the mower to the lowest position.
4. Remove the four pins and washers that connect the lift linkage to the deck.
5. Lay these parts aside for reinstallation.
6. Slide the mower deck out from beneath the mower. Since the mower deck is on wheels, it will easily roll out when you push or pull on it. The belt is located on the mower deck.
7. Remove the screws that hold the belt guards in place and remove the belt guards from the mower deck.
8. Remove the screws that hold the belt keeper bar in place and lay the bar and screws aside.
9. Loosen the idler pulley nuts to release the tension on the pulleys. This makes it easier to remove the belt from the pulleys.
10. Inspect the routing of the belt before removing it from the mower.
11. Install the new belt on the mower. Route it around the pulleys in the appropriate manner. Check the owner’s manual for a routing diagram or check the mower deck for a routing detail diagram.
12. Install the belt and make sure that it is not twisted during installation.
13. Tighten the nuts that hold the idler pulleys in place to increase the tension on the belt. Hold the pulleys secure when placing the belt.
14. Reinstall the bar keeper bar and the belt guards.
15. Slide the mower deck under the mower and reconnect the deck to the lift linkage with the pins and washers you set aside.
16. Adjust the deck lift lever to the appropriate height for mowing.
17. Reconnect the spark plug.
18. Start the mower and take a test run to ensure that the belt works properly

Of course, if you feel uncertain about replacing a worn Kubota mower belt, visit Bahrns and our staff of technicians will assure that the belt is properly installed.

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