Safely Accessing Pallets On Elevated Work Platforms

Expansion safety gate.

There is a lot of pressure on warehouses today to be flexible about their floor space. More floor space allows for flexibility when it comes to catering to booms in particular products, especially during seasonal adjustments. As a result, many warehouses have turned to pick modules and rack support platforms as well as elevated work … Read more

Managing Fatigue Of Forklift Operators

Fatigue is a major factor in worker efficiency and productivity. Workers are going to get fatigued as they work a normal schedule. However, managers who know how to cope with their fatigue and know how to handle it are always a leg up over the competition. Fatigue is defined as extreme tiredness resulting from mental … Read more

Don’t Neglect Ergonomics When It Comes To Your Workers

Lift Truck Controls

Many warehouse managers focus on a number of things when considering their business’ operations. That would include employee safety, cost controls, efficiency and productivity. However, they may be neglecting ergonomics to the detriment of their team? Paying more attention to ergonomics can be the key to achieving a happier workforce because they are being protected … Read more

Your Fork Lift Is Only As Good As Its Operator

optimizing labor in warehouse or work yard

You could buy a prized race horse, but if you don’t know how to ride it, you’re not going to become a champion jockey. You won’t win the Indy 500 by buying the fastest race car, either. When we look at races that are won, it is usually because of the driver, not the car. … Read more

Common Sense & Knowing Capacity Prevents Pallet Collapse

Pallets of finished product collapse for plenty of reasons. It is easiest to blame the material handler when Pallets of finished product collapse, but there are other reasons that need to be considered when seeking to reach the route cause. Some key reasons pallet collapses can happen even when the contents are stacked with care … Read more

Warehouse Safety Bottom To Top

Perhaps the most important element of a warehouse operation is worker safety. After all, it is the employees that actually pick, transport, and pack goods for shipping that are the backbone of the business. Without them there is no business. Moreover, injuries to warehouse employees can affect a company’s bottom line in so many ways. … Read more

Signage For Safety

Effectively labeling your distribution center with safety signage can prevent injuries and is an OSHA demand. Not only can it prevent or at least minimize injury to personnel, it can minimize downtime and workers’ compensation claims and fines. Making your facility injury free starts with a safety inspection and evaluation of all operations, equipment and … Read more

Use the Right Equipment to Store Gas Cylinders Safely

With all the advances in technology, one thing hasn’t changed much in the past several decades: How compressed gas is stored and shipped. Businesses of all types use old-fashioned gas cylinders. And they are still as heavy, bulky, and difficult to handle as ever. Yet handling gas cylinders safely is still an essential part of … Read more

Ladders, Ice, and Snow Can Be a Deadly Combination

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean outdoor operations stop. In fact, many operations are busier during the year’s coldest months than they are in the spring and summer. There are still orders to fill, supplies to be stored, inventory to be counted, and all the other responsibilities that are necessary for a successful business — including … Read more

The Hidden Costs of Workplace Accidents

If there is an accident in your workplace, it can result in damaged products, hospitalization costs, and perhaps some lost productivity while the aftermath is cleaned up. But once everybody is back to work, that’s the end of it, right? Wrong! The truth is that even a single workplace accident can cost businesses an astronomical … Read more