Coping with Worker Distraction

Often, when an accident occurs in a warehouse or manufacturing facility, the culprit is distraction. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy or major distraction to make a difference – a recent study from Michigan State University determined that a distraction or interruption of only 3 seconds is enough to disrupt a manual task and … Read more

Oh, Rats – Rodent Control on an Industrial Scale

Seeing a mouse, rat, or other rodent around your house is unsettling, and it makes you wonder what might be hiding where. Rodents can cause all sorts of problems in residential building – the problems they can cause in industrial situations can be just as bad, if not worse. If you suspect rodents of invading … Read more

Get Ready for Winter by Checking Your Emergency Equipment

As the characters of the popular TV show “Game of Thrones” are fond of saying, “Winter is coming.”  So it’s a perfect time to check your warehouse’s or manufacturing facility’s safety equipment, such as emergency lights and fire extinguishers. Batteries on emergency lights should be tested at least several times per year. And fire extinguishers … Read more