Packaging Materials More Important than Ever

Boxes, crates, pallets, and even packing tape are flying off the shelves at a faster rate than ever before. That’s because consumers have become spoiled by online shopping and expect their purchases to be delivered to their doorstep overnight and for free. It’s called the “Amazon Effect”, named for the giant online retailer that is … Read more

Label Maker is the ‘Dad’s’ Tool that Can Actually Improve Efficiency

Label makers have been around for some time now. They allow people and businesses to create and print their own professional looking labels that can be affixed to shelves, boxes, and other storage spaces. Labelling everything allows you to quickly and efficiently organize any space, knowing immediately what is supposed to go in every spot … Read more

How e-Commerce Is Changing Your Business

Right now, one out of every three people buy the products they want online directly from the manufacturer. This tidal wave of direct-to-consumers (DTC) trade is forcing many companies to rethink the way they do business. Many businesses today are investing in more sophisticated materials handling solutions that optimize and maximize throughput while minimizing mistakes … Read more

Bulk Containers May Be the Solution to Your Shipping Problems

In today’s fast response marketplace, shipping costs are one of the fastest-growing line items in practically any business’s budget these days. Customers accustomed to online ordering now want their orders faster and cheaper than ever. While mega-corporations like Amazon and Wal-Mart can afford to spend billions on research and development into innovative delivery methods such … Read more

Stretch Wrap an Essential Tool for Keeping Pallets Safe

What in the world did we do before stretch wrap? It’s now one of the most commonly used methods of pallet wrapping. Stretch wrap isn’t just effective. It’s also relatively cheap, easy to use, and convenient. And it can be either low-tech or high-tech: In small operations, it can be slid onto a broom handle … Read more