Packaging Materials More Important than Ever

Boxes, crates, pallets, and even packing tape are flying off the shelves at a faster rate than ever before. That’s because consumers have become spoiled by online shopping and expect their purchases to be delivered to their doorstep overnight and for free. It’s called the “Amazon Effect”, named for the giant online retailer that is … Read more

High Efficiency, High Frequency Battery Chargers

Keeping the battery charged on each forklift in your fleet is essential when it comes to efficient operation. Battery chargers are used to achieve this. Warehouse managers and forklift fleet managers understand that for the charging process to take place, the charger needs to match properly with the battery. However, many charger experts point out … Read more

Warehouse Managers Must Know It All

Anyone who might think that the job of a warehouse manager is easy hasn’t been one. A manager of a warehouse must have knowledge of all facets of a warehouse business including safety and OSHA regulations, productivity, slotting and organization, preventative maintenance, boxes and containers, staffing and management, training and education, and shipping and receiving. … Read more

10 Tips to Make Moving Day Easier

moving suppliesWhether you are moving into a new house or apartment, taking your son or daughter to college, or moving your business to a new location, moving day can be a stressful experience.

If you are doing the moving yourself, the most important thing is to get all of your possessions to where they are going safely and with as little breakage as possible. Here are the Top 10 Tips to help make your moving day go more smoothly:

1. Protect your furniture from nicks and scratches by wrapping it in a stretch wrap. A single large roll usually is enough to cover every major piece of furniture you own.

2. If you can get into your new space before your possessions arrive, pre-clean your bathrooms and kitchen first. Put up a new shower curtain and bring some bath towels so you can enjoy a hot shower after the hard work of moving is over.

3. Pack the essentials — such as soap, dishwashing liquid, shampoo and toilet paper — into an overnight bag and carry it with you. That way you won’t have to search through boxes for the items you need right away.

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New Dock Door Design Can Prevent Rain From Leaking Into Your Warehouse

Pentalift, a Buffalo, New York, based manufacturer of dock and warehouse equipment, recently unveiled a new type of dock door that can prevent rain from entering into the dock area. The RS800 RainStop seal uses a stiffly sprung 5.5-inch foam filled header curtain to create a positive seal on the top of the trailer. The … Read more

Toyota Material Handling Europe Going Paperless

Toyota Material Handling Europe is the leading provider of warehouse and forklift equipment who have selected OB10, the global e-Invoicing network to bring the benefits of invoice automation to its community of suppliers. The network moderates the invoice-to-pay process and provides straight-through processing and prompt payment for suppliers. Toyota Material Handling Europe is focusing on … Read more

Using an Inventory System to Reduce Warehouse Theft

using inventory to reduce theftRegardless of the types of products they store, nearly every warehouse has experienced shrinkage due to employee theft at some time or another. But one of the best prevention tools you can use to reduce or eliminate theft from your warehouse doesn’t require the purchase of an expensive surveillance system or the adding to your payroll with the hiring of security guards. It’s your inventory system that might need the upgrade.

An accurate, frequent inventory of the products you store in your warehouse can be your best defense against employee theft. First, when your workers see your inventory being counted on a monthly, or even a weekly basis, it will put them on notice that you are paying close attention to how much of your product should be there. While some businesses will perform a physical inventory as little as once a year simply to satisfy bookkeeping requirements, a monthly or weekly inventory will help you identify and solve a theft problem more quickly.

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How to Calibrate a Digital Scale

The accuracy of your scale can determine whether your business is profitable or not. If your scale is not properly calibrated, you could be giving away product for free or overcharging your clients for what they purchase. Either option is not desirable if you want to maintain good  customer relations. Whether you are using a … Read more

Mats and Worker Productivity

When most companies install mats in their work spaces  they do so for safety purposes. Mats reduce slipping and keep employees working safely. Another enormous benefit to mats is increasing workplace productivity. This is especially important, when every labor hour counts. Mats not only provide an ergonomically correct work environment, but they have been proven to … Read more