Right Sizing the Battery Room and Other Savings Tips

So far we have discussed identifying and measuring waste in the battery room, how proper battery rotation can help to reduce waste, and properly watering batteries. In this article we will discuss right sizing of the battery room. When we refer to “right sizing of the battery room,” we are not referring to the actual … Read more

Proper Rotation Enhances Battery Run Time and Life

In the story entitled Tackling Waste In the Battery Room I discussed how warehouse managers can limit or eliminate waste in the battery room by identifying the waste, creating a plan to alleviate it, measure progress and evaluate performance and make adjustments in the plan. One specific action that can be taken is to create … Read more

Tackling Waste In The Battery Room

All businesses want to be “lean and mean.” That is, they want to minimize waste in the operation of their business. In the world of warehouse management, one sector that has been ignored in the battle against waste is the battery room. No doubt, many of you believe that battery room activity is subordinate to … Read more

Hiring Forklift Drivers – Part II: Sourcing, Interviewing, and training Candidates

In my first installment of Hiring Forklift Drivers – Part I: Targeting the Right Candidate, I discussed the process of targeting applicants such as identifying and seeking applications from experienced, skilled forklift operators. In Part II I will discuss how you can identify possible forklift operators from a reservoir of skilled individuals who have no … Read more

Warehouse Managers Must Know It All

Anyone who might think that the job of a warehouse manager is easy hasn’t been one. A manager of a warehouse must have knowledge of all facets of a warehouse business including safety and OSHA regulations, productivity, slotting and organization, preventative maintenance, boxes and containers, staffing and management, training and education, and shipping and receiving. … Read more

Do You Know Where Your Forklift’s Replacement Chain Came From?

Chaintec, a leading supplier of leaf chains for forklifts in the UK, is warning companies to make sure their chains are etched with fully traceable information so they can be assured of where they were manufactured. International quality standards for leaf chains, clevises and sheaves require that chains be marked with the manufacturer’s name or … Read more

Volvo Construction to Buy Terex’s Hauler Division for $160 Million

Volvo Construction Equipment, a division of the Swedish automobile manufacturer, has announced that it is purchasing the truck division of US heavy equipment manufacturer Terex for $160 million. Terex — based in Westport, Connecticut — will include its Motherwell, Scotland, plant and its off-highway grid articulated product range and articulated haul trucks line as part … Read more

Seegrid Hires Bill Edgy as New Regional Sales Manager

Seegrid Corporation – one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) — announced in a news release that it has hired Bill Edgy as its new regional sales manager for the Southeastern United States. The hiring is part of an expansion by the company in response to a 350% increase in orders … Read more

Types of Air Compressors for Industrial Applications

Air compressors have multiple functionality. In domestic use, they can be used to inflate basketballs, footballs and other sporting equipment, air mattresses and even automobile and bicycle tires. In industrial applications, compressed air can be used to operate machinery, for manufacturing operations, for cleaning, for eliminating pollutants from a confined workspace, and many other uses. … Read more

Chicago-based Liquor Distributor Unveils State-of-the-Art Distribution Center

Wirtz Beverage, a Chicago-based distributor of wines and spirits, recently built a futuristic distribution center on the site of an abandoned horseracing track just outside the city. The company combined three separate facilities into one brand new, 555,500-square-foot distribution center that features high speed conveyors and sortation systems, voice-directed picking and futuristic management systems that … Read more