OSHA Regulations for Powered Industrial Trucks – Part IV – Unattended Vehicles, Maintenance, and Fueling Procedures

In Part One of my series on OSHA Regulations Concerning Industrial Trucks, I discussed responsibilities warehouse executives have in assuring safe forklift operation. In Part Two, I discussed what OSHA expected warehouses to do concerning the training of forklift operators. In Part Three, I covered OSHA requirements concerning pre use inspections and operation of a … Read more

OSHA Regulations Pertaining to Powered Industrial Trucks – Part III

In my first of a series of articles on the OSHA rules pertaining to powered industrial trucks, I discussed responsibilities of all parties in the warehouse including management, supervisor, and employees on proper operation of lifts. In Part II, I covered requirements for warehouse programs involved in the training of powered industrial truck operators. In … Read more

OSHA Regulations Pertaining to Powered Industrial Trucks – Part II – Training

In Part I of my series describing OSHA’s regulation 1910.178 on Powered Industrial Trucks, I covered the responsibilities of the warehouse manager, program administrator, supervisors, and employees pertaining to the safe use of powered industrial trucks. In this article, Part II of the series, I will discuss what OSHA expects warehouses to do concerning training … Read more

Linde Offers 3-D Holographic Glimpse at Warehouse of the Future

By 2030, warehouses worldwide will have feature products that “talk” to the driverless forklifts that transport them, vehicles that generate more energy than they use, and integrated self-reliant facilities that operate autonomously with practically zero human workers. That’s what the future is going to look like according to a new 3-D holographic display in a … Read more

Watering Monitors Assist in Better Maintenance of Forklift Batteries

A forklift operator cannot tolerate failure of his forklift’s battery. Such an occurrence would be catastrophic because it would mean that the forklift is shutdown for repairs. For a busy warehouse, the shutdown of just one lift could have a major affect on its efficient operation and productivity. If the battery fails on more than … Read more

Hiring Forklift Drivers – Part II: Sourcing, Interviewing, and training Candidates

In my first installment of Hiring Forklift Drivers – Part I: Targeting the Right Candidate, I discussed the process of targeting applicants such as identifying and seeking applications from experienced, skilled forklift operators. In Part II I will discuss how you can identify possible forklift operators from a reservoir of skilled individuals who have no … Read more

Hiring Forklift Drivers – Part I: Targeting the Right Candidate

The most important, if not one of the most important jobs of a warehouse manager or human resources director is to hire forklift drivers. It is essential that people with the proper skills and appropriate experience is considered and ultimately selected for the job. The process of finding a competent forklift driver involves three elements … Read more

Forklift Crash in Abandoned Factory Kills Two Youths

Two people — including an 11-year-old girl — were killed after youthful a joyride in a pair of forklifts through an abandoned manufacturing facility in Belgium turned into a horrifying nightmare. The incident occurred either Saturday, March 7, or  Sunday, March 8, at the former Infer Productions factory, located on the Guldendal canal in Mechelen, … Read more

Forklift Rodeo Reality Show an Actual Thing in New Zealand

Commentary and Opinion Regular readers of this blog may recall when I facetiously pitched an idea for a reality show based on the growing popularity of forklift rodeos. Well, apparently a television production company in New Zealand had the same idea because the “World Forklift League” TV show currently is filming in locations throughout the … Read more