Cross-Docking Can Reduce Costs and Increase Speed

In many warehouse and distribution centers, the most efficient way to handle materials is to ship them out almost immediately after they are received. This process, known as cross-docking, can be the most cost-effective materials handling option as well as the fastest. Cross-docking works like this: Products arrive at your dock. But instead of receiving … Read more

Could Your Business Benefit from a Hopper?

Hoppers are useful tools for many businesses, including factories, warehouses, dock operations, and other places where efficient materials handling is critical to success. What are hoppers? While there are many different types, essentially they are all similar. Most feature a large reservoir where materials can be collected by dumping them into the top. Then at … Read more

Use Trusted Sources When Searching Online

If you are like most people, you probably use the Internet to find the products and service you need more often than not. Thanks to the Digital Revolution, whether you use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, just about anything you want or need is only a few taps away. Yet it is still relatively early … Read more

Bulb Siphon Pumps Offer Convenience, Safety

Anyone who has ever had to siphon gas out of a car or truck can testify to the value of having a bulb siphon pump. The alternative — using your mouth and lungs to get enough suction to start the gas moving through the siphon hose — is not only distasteful, it can also be … Read more

Improving Delivery Time and Accuracy

Consumers and retailers today both want their orders faster than ever before. Just a few years ago, 3 to 5 business days would be considered an acceptable delivery window for online orders. Today, the expectation is closer to 24 hours or less. Call it the “instant gratification” effect. Big companies like Amazon are in the process … Read more

Pick Module

Warehouses or distribution and fulfillment centers use a variety of methods to pick stock from shelves and get it to the shipping department. One such method is called Pick Module. A Pick Module features order pickers who pick products from full cases or individual items from broken or split cases and place them in a … Read more

Efficient Pallet Device Expands Ergonomics for Warehouse Workers

An essential tool in the day-to-day operation of a warehouse is the pallet. However, there is a problem when it comes to storing them. It isn’t unusual for even the tallest order pickers to have difficulty reaching or bending to fetch these bulky items resulting in ergonomic issues that threaten the health of workers. Moreover, … Read more

Essential Questions When Considering a Lift Table

Lift tables can improve ergonomics in factories, warehouses, and other businesses, reducing the number of employee injuries and streamlining operations. But you will only maximize your benefits of using work tables if you choose the right model for your specific application. Before you buy as lift table, there are four essential questions you should ask … Read more

Devices for the Internet of Things to Revolutionize Distribution Operations

Watch out! The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing and getting more involved in the warehouse and supply chain trade. According to Gartner, an industry research firm, there will be 26 billion devices that will connect all sorts of things to the Internet by 2020. These devices are sensors that are embedded in products that … Read more

Nexen Unveils New Electric Lift Trucks

  Nexen has introduced a new three and four-wheel electric lift truck. The lift has a 1600-2000kg capacity and comes in both long and short wheelbase. The lift trucks feature high capacity DIN-STD batteries for multiple shift operations and include fast and easy side entry battery removal. The trucks have been pre-launch tested and they … Read more