Why Every Workplace Should Have a Shop-Vac

The shop-vac is the utility infielder of the workplace. Like the baseball player who can play just about any position, this versatile little vacuum can perform practically any cleanup job no matter how big or how small. Also known as a wet-dry vac, a shop-vac usually is a small, portable, yet powerful vacuum cleaner that … Read more

Could Your Business Benefit from a Hopper?

Hoppers are useful tools for many businesses, including factories, warehouses, dock operations, and other places where efficient materials handling is critical to success. What are hoppers? While there are many different types, essentially they are all similar. Most feature a large reservoir where materials can be collected by dumping them into the top. Then at … Read more

Packaging Materials More Important than Ever

Boxes, crates, pallets, and even packing tape are flying off the shelves at a faster rate than ever before. That’s because consumers have become spoiled by online shopping and expect their purchases to be delivered to their doorstep overnight and for free. It’s called the “Amazon Effect”, named for the giant online retailer that is … Read more

Benefits of Manually Operated Lifts

Running a warehouse, distribution center, dock, or any other type of materials handling business is practically impossible without the right equipment. Lifting and moving boxes, pallets, and equipment manually isn’t just unsafe, it’s also inefficient. But when a business is just starting out, it’s not always possible to spend a fortune on powered equipment like … Read more

Winter Is Coming … Do You Have a Plowing Plan in Place?

Like it or not, the snowy season is right around the corner. Heavy snows and winter storms can affect the productivity of any business, possibly even halting it altogether. Clearing snow from parking lots, entry roads, docks, and other work areas can keep your business running even in during the harshest winter weather. Before the … Read more

Staples DCs To Roll Out Automated Pick-and-Pack Nationwide

“That was easy!” Now office supply retailing giant Staples is applying its signature catch phrase to its distribution centers throughout the US with an innovative new automated pick-and-pack system. Traditionally, DCs and warehouses have used a “person to goods” system that uses human workers to pick and pack orders so they can be delivered to … Read more

Mirrors Reflect Your Business’s Efficiency

In this high tech age, there are many different types of electronics that can provide surveillance and improve the safety of your business. But in many cases, low-tech mirrors can serve the same purpose for a fraction of the cost. There are many different types of mirrors that can be used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, … Read more

Protect High-Value Items with Wire Enclosures and Partitions

Most businesses have items they want to keep safe. These can be products, parts, tools, or commodities. Food and beverage operations usually want to lock up their liquor, for example. Manufacturing plants may want to lock up expensive components or finished products ready to be shipped. Protecting high-value items is important. But most businesses don’t … Read more

How e-Commerce Is Changing Your Business

Right now, one out of every three people buy the products they want online directly from the manufacturer. This tidal wave of direct-to-consumers (DTC) trade is forcing many companies to rethink the way they do business. Many businesses today are investing in more sophisticated materials handling solutions that optimize and maximize throughput while minimizing mistakes … Read more

Moving Objects from Here to There Easier with Conveyors

When you imagine a factory, one of the most common images that come to mind is a conveyor belt. Conveyor belts, ball transfer tables, and other conveyance devices have been a part of industrial manufacturing since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century. And they have been burned into the public consciousness in popular media, … Read more