Why Every Workplace Should Have a Shop-Vac

Wet/Dry Shop VacuumThe shop-vac is the utility infielder of the workplace. Like the baseball player who can play just about any position, this versatile little vacuum can perform practically any cleanup job no matter how big or how small.

Also known as a wet-dry vac, a shop-vac usually is a small, portable, yet powerful vacuum cleaner that can suck up both dry and wet materials including anything from nails to spilled liquids. It is speedy, efficient, and helpful in just about any cleanup situation.

Benefits of Shop-Vacs

So what makes the shop-vac one of the most essential pieces of equipment for any workplace? The first and probably biggest reason is its versatility. You can use your shop vac to clean up just about any type of spill. Standard dirt and debris? No problem. Larger items such as spilled parts or pooled liquids? You got it.

The little motor in a shop vac creates powerful suction. So they also are convenient for jobs like cleaning hard to reach places such as under sinks or equipment or even unclogging a pipe.

But most shop-vacs can also be run in reverse, which means they also can be used to perform tasks like filling up air mattresses or pool toys. Or you can use them to blow snow from walkways or sidewalks.

Simple to Clean

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, shop-vacs are super easy to empty out. Rather than cumbersome bags or messy, hard to clean plastic receptacles, most shop vacs deposit their debris into stainless steel canisters that can easily be dumped out then rinsed.

Also, shop-vacs can be run without the reservoir receptacle attached. That means you can quickly and simply transform your shop-vac into a powerful backup pump.

They also usually are on wheels or casters, which means your shop-vac can be rolled to wherever you need it. Some models also feature larger rear wheels which allow them to be easily rolled up or down stairs as needed.

Tower of Power

Most shop-vacs are powered by a heavy-duty electrical cord that can be plugged into a nearby outlet for maximum power. And they come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the one that best meets your workplace’s specific needs. If you have a large industrial factory, for example, you can select a trash-can sized model. But if you only have a small office or workshop, there also are smaller shop-vacs that will perform a multitude of jobs efficiently and quickly.

Thanks to their versatility, simplicity, and power, shop-vac are one of the most convenient and most-used tools in just about any workplace.