Why Every Workplace Should Have a Shop-Vac

The shop-vac is the utility infielder of the workplace. Like the baseball player who can play just about any position, this versatile little vacuum can perform practically any cleanup job no matter how big or how small. Also known as a wet-dry vac, a shop-vac usually is a small, portable, yet powerful vacuum cleaner that … Read more

Benefits of Bulb Siphon Pumps

A bulb siphon pump is a simple, yet essential, piece of equipment in practically any workplace. It uses simple physics and vacuum power to quickly and efficiently siphon liquid from one container to another without spilling a drop. Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a bulb siphon pump is that the user doesn’t have to … Read more

The Science Behind Scissor Jacks

Older drivers can remember when floor-standing jacks came standard with most cars. These devices used a lever — usually the crow bar — to jack a car’s bumper up inch by inch when changing a tire on the roadside. Floor-standing jacks went out of vogue about the same time donut spare tires started to become … Read more

What to Look for When Buying New Casters and Wheels

A lot of different types of materials handling equipment rely on casters or wheels to get the job done. Casters and wheels come in many different sizes and materials. Plus, they attach to the materials handling vehicle or other devices in different ways. For example, casters and wheels used on furniture dollies are typically bolted … Read more

Hose and Cable Reels Increase Workplace Safety

HosesĀ and cords are commonly used in many different types of operations. Whether they are water hoses, air hoses to power mechanical equipment, or even electrical cables, hoses and cords provide a valuable service. Yet hoses and cords also create a potential safety hazard, especially when sprawled across high traffic areas. They are a serious trip … Read more

5 Things to Look for When Buying a Mechanic’s Crawler

A mechanic’s crawler is the little board on wheels that enable auto mechanics and others to slide under cars, trucks, and other equipment. They are sometimes called mechanic’s creepers as well as crawlers — which is pretty creepy by itself — but there is nothing scary about using one of these convenient devices. They can … Read more

Labor Department Offers Safety Help to Smaller-Sized Contractors

While the biggest construction contractors often have teams of safety and health specialists on staff to help identify and eliminate safety hazards, smaller-scale contractors who make up the majority of construction businesses are generally on their own. Until now, that is. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently issued a new guide designed to … Read more