What to Look for When Buying New Casters and Wheels

A lot of different types of materials handling equipment rely on casters or wheels to get the job done. Casters and wheels come in many different sizes and materials. Plus, they attach to the materials handling vehicle or other devices in different ways. For example, casters and wheels used on furniture dollies are typically bolted … Read more

Wearable Technology Offers Augmented Reality for Warehouse Workers

For years now, high-tech companies like Google, Vuzix, Ubimax, and others have promised that ¬†wearable technology will make our lives better and easier. But how will it actually work? Look no further than a pilot program from global package delivery service DHL to understand the answer. DHL Supply Chain, a subsidiary of the German company … Read more

OSHA Issues Safety Warning on Scissor Lifts

In the past year, there have been 10 deaths and more than 20 serious injuries involving scissor lifts. And now the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration is issuing a warning to companies that use the lift devices. Scissor lifts are widely used in warehouses, factories, docks, construction, and in the retail and entertainment industries. … Read more

Mobile Technology on the Rise in Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Over the next five years, nearly 9 out of every 10 distribution centers and warehouse are expected to incorporate voice directed mobile technology to their operations, according to to a survey released recently. And that’s if they aren’t using this technology already. The survey, commissioned by the technology giant Honeywell in conjunction with research group … Read more

Loading Dock – III

In previous articles I have discussed the different elements of a loading dock design including safety, apron space, truck bays, and the various styles of docks and dock approaches. In this article I will discuss dock height and door sizes. It should be obvious that proper dock height is an essential part of a well-designed … Read more

Amazon Introduces Robots and High Tech to Warehouse Operations

The leader in eCommerce is making a wave in warehouse efficiency. Amazon.com has been opening up new fulfillment centers at a brisk pace and introducing robots and other high technology features to make their operations more efficient. One example is the warehouse center in Tracy, California. There are about 1,500 full-time laborers working in 1.2 … Read more

Warehouse Automation: To Drone Or Not To Drone

Ever since Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, appeared on the CBS television show 60 Minutes in December 2013 showing off the feasibility of drones as a way to deliver packages to Amazon customers, the country has become infatuated with the flying gadgets. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the U.S. government agency that supervises the use … Read more

Closing the Gap: Proper Use and Benefits of Dock Boards

Dock boards are simple ramps, usually made of metal, that bridge the gap between a loading dock surface and a truck that has pulled up to it. Because trucks come in various sizes, the size and height of this gap is variable. Consequently, a dock board has to be large enough to bridge this gap … Read more

Scissors Lift Safety Begins, Ends with Operator

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two-part series on scissors lift safety. Scissors lifts are a helpful tool in the warehouse and manufacturing environment because they allow workers to perform tasks at a comfortable, ergonomically improved height. But they also can be dangerous if not used¬†correctly. Michael Renken, vice president of sales for … Read more

Warehouse Safety Improved with Installation of Safety Netting

The safety manager of a major cosmetics manufacturer recently improved the safety of the company’s warehouse by installing pallet rack safety netting and a pallet stop system, according to a news report. The undisclosed company’s manager chose a system that protected both products and employees by limiting the space pallets of products could be moved. … Read more