Will We Still Need Bookshelves in the Future?

The digital revolution has caused a lot of changes within our lifetime. Most people no longer have landline telephones in their houses. A majority of shoppers buy at least some of their products using their phones, tablets or other wireless devices.¬†And physical paper and cardboard books are becoming a relic of the past. So will … Read more

Consider Shape and Size When Buying Conference Room Tables

In some businesses, the conference room table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the entire office. That’s because the conference room is where many businesses meet with prospective new clients. It’s where new vendors are interviewed. It’s where contracts are negotiated. You could say it’s where many of the most important … Read more

Suggestion Boxes Offer Immediate Benefits to Businesses

Adding a suggestion box to your workplace offers a number of immediate advantages. For one, it allows ownership and management to get recommendations from line level employees that can actually streamline operations and improve processes. But a simple suggestion box also offers workers the chance to have their voice heard, reinforcing the idea that they … Read more

Keep Your Workstation Clear of Cutter to Boost Productivity

If you want to get more done during your workday, it’s important that you keep less clutter in and around your workstation. Clutter kills productivity. Not only does it make it more difficult to find the important documents that you need, but it also serves as a constant distraction that keeps you from staying focused … Read more

Providing Top-Quality Office Furniture a Good Investment

If you haven’t had to buy new office furniture in a while, you might want to prepare yourself for a case of sticker shock. The expense of top quality desks, ergonomic chairs, prefabricated workstations, and other office furniture can add up very quickly, especially if you are furnishing a large office. And that’s before you … Read more

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Folding Chairs

You need to hold an all-staff meeting to explain new policies being rolled out for the new year. Or your Human Resources needs to brief your employees on your new benefits package. Or you want to reward your workers for doing a great job this year by hosting a social event in the workplace. Where … Read more

Need More Room? Get Rid of Your Bookcases!

One of the unexpected victims of digitization is the common bookcase. Only a few years ago, bookcases in most offices were stuffed with manuals, reference books, and other materials that needed to be frequently accessed. Today, however, practically every bit of information you need can be accessed faster, more efficiently, and from anywhere using your … Read more

Investing in New Office Workstations Can Pay Dividends Later

Office furniture is something many businesses take for granted. From a financial perspective, investing in things like ergonomically correct chairs or updating desks and shelving wouldn’t seem to pay long-term dividends. But if you look a little more closely at it, you can see that buying new office equipment can actually benefit your business in … Read more

6 Essential Elements to a Comfortable Office Chair

Most people who work in offices spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk looking at a computer. While that may sound low-stress, maintaining the same position for hours at a time actually can put a lot of strain on the body, especially the lower back. Some new technologies, including stand-up desks, can help … Read more

5 Ways Office Furnishings Can Impact Workplace Morale

Desks, chairs, cubicles, lighting and other office environmental details are something most workers take for granted. But office furnishings can often have a profound effect on both business productivity and workplace morale. Existing employees are less likely to call off as frequently and more likely to work harder and longer if you¬†provide them with modern, … Read more