5 Ways Office Furnishings Can Impact Workplace Morale

4504292121_da15085745_zDesks, chairs, cubicles, lighting and other office environmental details are something most workers take for granted. But office furnishings can often have a profound effect on both business productivity and workplace morale.

Existing employees are less likely to call off as frequently and more likely to work harder and longer if you provide them with modern, comfortable and ergonomically correct office furniture. And your organization is more likely to attract the best candidates when they see an updated, technologically advanced office environment when they come in to interview for a job.

Having the right office furniture matters. Your company can be more successful if you don’t take your business’s physical environment for granted.

Here are five ways choosing the best office furnishings, lighting and other environmental factors from Bahrns.com can help boost the productivity and profitability of your business:

Motivates Employees

Furnishings may be something you take for granted. But you can be sure you’re employees will notice when you fail to update your office furniture and instead force them to work with uncomfortable, outdated desks, chairs, and other equipment.

Office furniture that promotes ergonomics can improve overall performance by 10% to 15%. And comfortable workstations have been shown to increase job satisfaction by 24%.

Fewer Breaks

Uncomfortable office furniture makes workers take more frequent work breaks to rest their aching backs and sore bottoms. Inefficient offices also encourage workers to take more unnecessary steps to perform routine tasks such as filing or

Inefficient offices also encourage workers to take more unnecessary steps to perform routine tasks such as filing or disposing of trash.

Improved Comfort 

An estimated 86% of office workers report that the chairs their employers provide are uncomfortable.

Newer office furniture with improved ergonomic design can reduce the incidents of carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injury, and other common office worker aches and pains that can result in lost work time and increased sick time.

Less Sick Time Pay

When your workers call off sick, you are paying them to stay home rather than contribute to the success of your business. Improving your office furniture can have a direct effect on worker productivity.

Promote Creativity and Collaboration

Modern office furniture and workplace design can stimulate employee creativity, encouraging your workers to come up with the “big ideas” that can set your business apart from your competitors.

Office furniture from Bahrns.com also can promote collaboration so that your staff can work together to spark innovation and inspire each other to excellence.