Investing in New Office Workstations Can Pay Dividends Later

office chairsOffice furniture is something many businesses take for granted. From a financial perspective, investing in things like ergonomically correct chairs or updating desks and shelving wouldn’t seem to pay long-term dividends.

But if you look a little more closely at it, you can see that buying new office equipment can actually benefit your business in more ways that may at first seem evident.

Here are five reasons why.

Reducing Absenteeism

Office workers are at low risk of being injured at work by falls or lifting heavy equipment. The most common injury among white collar workers is repetitive strain. In fact, even including factory and warehouse workers, repetitive strains and sprains account for about 40% of all workplace injuries.

These types of low-impact injuries can cost your company a great deal of money in the form of workmen’s compensation claims. But they also can reduce productivity by increasing absenteeism.

Improved Good Will

Buying new office furniture has a psychological benefit among workers. They are more likely to feel appreciated and to feel better about working for your business if you provide them with ergonomically beneficial office furniture and workstations.

Many of the companies with the highest employee morale — such as Google and Apple — are famous for providing their workers with ergonomic workplaces that encourage collaboration and creative thinking.

Increased Work Capacity

Employees who are physically comfortable can spend more time focused on their work.

For example, people using ergonomic keyboards that include wrist rests can type longer, faster, and with fewer breaks. Cleaning equipment that features ergonomic design allows cleaning personnel to clean a larger area faster because they don’t have to bend as frequently.

Fewer Mistakes

The increased focus that ergonomically correct office furniture and workstations can provide often means fewer mistakes. That translates to less wasted time trying to find and correct mistakes, resulting in boosted productivity and output.

work stationNobody likes making mistakes. So workers who are physically stronger, more comfortable, and more relaxed are more likely to feel better about their contribution to your organization because they won’t make as many errors.

Better Work Atmosphere

Have you ever worked at a job where you were physically uncomfortable all the time? Try to remember how it felt when you got up every morning and had to go to work. Probably not very pleasant.

Contrast that with a workplace where employees feel valued by management that provides them with ergonomically beneficial office furniture and workstations.

Spending money on upgraded office furniture is a short-term investment that can pay huge long-term dividends for your business.