Use the Right Equipment to Store Gas Cylinders Safely

With all the advances in technology, one thing hasn’t changed much in the past several decades: How compressed gas is stored and shipped. Businesses of all types use old-fashioned gas cylinders. And they are still as heavy, bulky, and difficult to handle as ever. Yet handling gas cylinders safely is still an essential part of … Read more

Winter Is Coming … Do You Have a Plowing Plan in Place?

Like it or not, the snowy season is right around the corner. Heavy snows and winter storms can affect the productivity of any business, possibly even halting it altogether. Clearing snow from parking lots, entry roads, docks, and other work areas can keep your business running even in during the harshest winter weather. Before the … Read more

Fall Protection Tops OSHA’s List of Top 10 Violations

The most common workplace danger cited by investigators from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration last year was the failure to provide adequate protection against worker falls. It was the seventh consecutive year that fall protection led the federal safety agency’s list of most common citations, which was presented last month at the 2017 National … Read more

Emergency Eyewash Stations Can Save Your Eyesight

If your business works with chemicals, it’s a good idea to have emergency eyewash stations located throughout your property. In the event that a caustic chemical is accidentally splashed into a worker’s eyes, it can save their eyesight. It could even make the difference between life and death. There are eight essential steps to properly … Read more

How to Extinguish Different Types of Workplace Fires

Throw water on a grease fire and it will get bigger. Use a fire hose on an electrical fire and you could put everybody in the vicinity in danger of an electrical shock. Knowing how to extinguish different types of workplace fires does more than just cut down on property damage. It also could prevent … Read more

Labor Department Offers Safety Help to Smaller-Sized Contractors

While the biggest construction contractors often have teams of safety and health specialists on staff to help identify and eliminate safety hazards, smaller-scale contractors who make up the majority of construction businesses are generally on their own. Until now, that is. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently issued a new guide designed to … Read more

How to Clean Up Small Fuel Spills Safely

Workplace accidents involving spilled gasoline, diesel, waste oil, engine fluids, and other potentially explosive fuels can put your employees, products, and workplace at risk. For bigger spills, the best response is to call 911 and have the local fire department handle the situation. But for smaller spills, it may be possible to control the spread of spilled … Read more

Analysis: Seven Amputations Occur Each Day in the US

Improved severe injury reporting requirements among US businesses has revealed a disturbing trend: On an average workday in the US, seven employees suffer amputations of their fingers, toes, hands or other body parts. In 2015, new regulations enacted by the US Department of Labor required US companies to report any serious workplace injury, such as … Read more

GreenRoad Technologies Offers App That Improves Driver Safety

GreenRoad Technologies is offering an app that helps improve driver behavior and fleet management monitoring for use on a smartphone. The app uses technology within the smartphone including GPS and built-in accelerometers that eliminate the need for a professionally installed telematics device in the vehicle. The technology features patented algorithms to detect how well the … Read more

Website Advises Young People of their Workplace Rights

Each year, millions of teenagers get their first job. But whether it’s working a fast food restaurant or helping out at a construction site, there are workplace dangers at just about every workplace. Unfortunately, many young workers aren’t aware of their rights under the law — especially their right to work in a safe workplace. … Read more