Moving Objects from Here to There Easier with Conveyors

When you imagine a factory, one of the most common images that come to mind is a conveyor belt. Conveyor belts, ball transfer tables, and other conveyance devices have been a part of industrial manufacturing since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century. And they have been burned into the public consciousness in popular media, … Read more

Picking: Part II – Piece Picking

Warehouses are used to store all sorts of products. That can include massive equipment used by manufacturing plants; small items like nuts and bolts usually sold by hardware stores; clothes, generally sold by retail stores; and more. The product sold is going to influence the way a warehouse is operated and what methods are used … Read more

Ball Transfer Tables: Their Uses and Benefits

If you are looking for ideas to improve the efficiency of packaging, manufacturing or over materials handling, you need to look no further than your computer’s mouse. If you turn over a mechanical computer mouse, you will find is operated by a small rubber or plastic trackball that controls where the cursor on your computer screen is located. Apply … Read more

Chicago-based Liquor Distributor Unveils State-of-the-Art Distribution Center

Wirtz Beverage, a Chicago-based distributor of wines and spirits, recently built a futuristic distribution center on the site of an abandoned horseracing track just outside the city. The company combined three separate facilities into one brand new, 555,500-square-foot distribution center that features high speed conveyors and sortation systems, voice-directed picking and futuristic management systems that … Read more

Automated Material Handling Solutions Company Heads to PACK EXPO 2013

Intelligrated is a North American-based automated material handling solutions provider that will be attending the Pack Expo 2013, from September 23 through September 25 and will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Intelligrated will feature its Alvery robotic palletizing and depalletizing solutions. Their booth that they will be featuring this product, will have … Read more

Increasing Warehouse Space for Less, Part 3

how work platforms can make your facility more efficientEditor’s Note: This is the last in a series of blogs examining the benefits of work platforms in warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

Work platforms offer warehouse operators a fast, efficient and affordable way to increase their existing warehouse storage space. But they also can be used for a wide variety of operations.

Picking operations, value-added services, sorting systems, slow-moving inventory storage, fast-response processing and other functions can all be facilitated by work platforms. That’s because they offer the full functionality of new construction or the addition of a mezzanine or other renovations to existing facilities without the expense or downtime.

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Material Handling Issues Solved with Air Cannon

A coal operation in South Africa has solved material build-up problems with their material handling transfer chute that feeds it’s export silo bin with a timed series of air cannons that blast accumulation from chute and vessel walls, preventing bottlenecks and maintains throughput rates.The 50/50 joint venture company utilizes a twin-module washing operation that delivers … Read more

Designing for Accuracy and Safety Improvements in Material Handling

Wynright Corporation, the nation’s leading independent, U.S.-based provider of intelligent material handling systems, recently announced the appointment of Kevin Sosnowski to Vice President, Selection Solutions. The business unit is responsible for delivering light- and voice-based engineering solutions and products that help clients manage the materials handling demands of their traditional and eCommerce businesses. With this … Read more

Achieving Peak Efficiency with Material Handling Equipment

Achieving Peak Efficiency
Achieving Peak Efficiency

The definition of material handling equipment is equipment that is related to the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. Consequently, because material handling equipment is so vital to all stages of production and consumption, business owners and managers are always seeking ways to increase output, control costs, and maximize productivity. In other words, the three vital aspects to whether material handling equipment is achieving peak efficiency or not.

Material handling equipment is divided into four categories:

1. Storage and Handling Equipment
2. Engineered Systems
3. Industrial Trucks
4. Material Handling

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Making Your Workplace Safe For Changing Forklift Batteries

Industrial forklifts that are battery powered are used in an increasing variety of manufacturing and warehouse operations. Today’s electric batteries provide benefits like reduced emission, which helps many businesses (from small, family-owned groups to large corporations), achieve “green” goals regarding environmental responsibility. The other obvious benefits of today’s electric lift trucks are longer running times … Read more