Bulk Containers May Be the Solution to Your Shipping Problems

In today’s fast response marketplace, shipping costs are one of the fastest-growing line items in practically any business’s budget these days. Customers accustomed to online ordering now want their orders faster and cheaper than ever. While mega-corporations like Amazon and Wal-Mart can afford to spend billions on research and development into innovative delivery methods such … Read more

Picking: Part II – Piece Picking

Warehouses are used to store all sorts of products. That can include massive equipment used by manufacturing plants; small items like nuts and bolts usually sold by hardware stores; clothes, generally sold by retail stores; and more. The product sold is going to influence the way a warehouse is operated and what methods are used … Read more

Benefits of Collapsible Bulk Containers

When distributing and warehousing products today, there are many options available. While traditional wood or hard plastic pallets provide versatility and the ability to be easily moved with standard materials handling equipment such as forklifts, an increasing number of companies are turning to collapsible bulk containers. Collapsible bulk containers come in a variety of sizes … Read more

Tilt and Bulk Trucks Offer Solution to Trash and Other Potentially Messy Problems

If you want to improve your trash or product handling at your business or workplace, you should consider utilizing a tilt or bulk truck. These are two-, three- and four-wheeled vehicles that are big enough to handle bulk materials, refuse, recyclables or whatever it is you need to move from place to place. Clean, Safe and Efficient Removing … Read more

Reusable Plastic Containers Can Help the Environment

Reusable Plastic  ContainersUsing Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) instead of corrugated boxes can result in substantial environmental benefits for manufacturers, according to a new study released last month by an industry organization specializing in measuring environmental impact.

RPCs are plastic boxes that can be used over and over again to ship fresh produce, perishables such as seafood, and other products. Franklin Associates — a leading consulting company specializing on life cycle analyses and solid waste management — was commissioned by IFCO, a manufacture or RPCs, to consider the environmental benefits of their use. The report was issued June 18.

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How to Select the Best Corrugated Box for Your Shipping Needs

How to Select the Right Corrugated Box for Your Shipping NeedsCorrugated boxes represent the vast majority of the packaging industry in the United States, carrying between 90 and 95% of the nation’s manufactured goods to consumers. Approximately 25 billion corrugated boxes are produced annually, an average of 500 boxes for every family in the US.

Part of their popularity resides in their durability. Corrugated boxes are made from two or more sheets of liner board and one or more fluted sheets of corrugating medium. Nearly all the liner boards are made from kraft, which is a type of paperboard created from virgin softwood lumber. About two-thirds of the corrugating medium is made by through a semi-chemical pulping process of virgin hardwood fibers, with the remaining third made from plant waste and recycled medium, which is used corrugated boxes collected from supermarkets and shopping centers.

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Helpful Facts about Bulk Containers

Bulk Containers are manufactured using, plastic, steel or stainless steels. The base and their featured cages are built to work compatibly with material handling vehicles like fork lifts. Some designs include collapsible or foldable features for easy storage after usage. Bulk containers are generally used for storing materials like loose components, liquid soap, powdered goods, … Read more

Carico High Quality Heavy Duty Bulk Containers

There are hundreds of bulk container manufacturers competing worldwide, however there are only several who carries first rate product line that passes world class quality and standards. Popular choices are Carico, Decade/Dolav, Orbis, Rotonics and Techstar. Most of the bulk containers from Carico are made with heavy duty Electro-Zinc Plated wires which are rust-proof and … Read more

Dolav and Orbis Provide Stacking and Nesting Bulk Containers

The Decade/ Dolav bulk containers are made with mold-injected, high density polyethylene materials which are more durable and longer-lasting than ordinary plastic, wood or even metal. These bulk containers are best for liquid and powder materials, as well as granular and other bulky materials. Bulk containers from Decade/Dolav can be easily stacked up to 6 … Read more

Bulk Containers from Techstar and Rotonics Made for FDA Standards

Bulk containers that are manufactured by Rotonics are widely used in food processing, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. These bulk containers are made with molded polyethylene materials which have been approved by FDA. Rotonics bulk containers features 2-way fork access, patented vertical gussets and corner radius. These containers can be stack with lids or nested without … Read more