Helpful Facts about Bulk Containers

Bulk Container
Bulk Containers preferred over shipping containers

Bulk Containers are manufactured using, plastic, steel or stainless steels. The base and their featured cages are built to work compatibly with material handling vehicles like fork lifts. Some designs include collapsible or foldable features for easy storage after usage.

Bulk containers are generally used for storing materials like loose components, liquid soap, powdered goods, food stuff as well as hazardous solids or liquids.

The average weight of Bulk Containers ranges between 198 to 2,646 pounds or 90 to 1,200 kilograms and its general dimension is 27.6 and 52 inches which is approximately 70 cm to 1.3 meters.

Bulk Containers are also usually a preferred alternative to shipping containers with its easy movability characteristic, being compatible to material handling equipment like pallet jacks or fork lifts.

Compared to other conventional large containers, Bulk Containers holds a lot of advantages including its conservative utilization of space, considering that it can hold several materials while using up lesser space. Bulk Containers are cost effective as well, when you are thinking about transporting your materials in a larger scale.