Steps for a Pallet Jack Usage

pallet jacks
A Pallet Jack for your Convenience

A Pallet Jack is for lifting heavy objects or pallets off the ground to move them to your desired position and do it without breaking the backs of numerous workers. The operator though, must be knowledgeable and the pallet jack itself must have a great turning radius, a good set of loading wheels and strong loading arms.

So how can one use a pallet jack safely? Just follow the list below and you’re definitely on the right track.

  1. >Inspect the pallet that you want to load, keeping in mind its size and make sure that the load arms will fit snugly under it. You can make adjustments to get the perfect fit.
  2. >The load arms must be inserted into the slots under the base of the pallet, and be certain that the load rollers of the load arms are right in the space between the wood on the bottom of the pallet.
  3. >You can now raise the pallet by doing pumps of the jack handle. On the top portion of the assembly handle, start to switch the lever to a downward position to be able to lock the jack in a ‘lift’ mode. Then start pumping the handle going up and down in a levering action. With just a few pumps, you must be able to see the pallet lifting off the ground, if there will be no movement whatsoever, the jack might be broken or it must have not yet been turned into its ‘lift’ mode.
  4. >Use the handle to pull or push the jack and the pallet to your desired position and location.
  5. >You can now lower the carried pallet when you have arrived at your desired location. Right at the top of its handle assembly, pull its small lever towards you then hold or you can use its foot release pedal. While doing so, make sure that there are no hands, fingers, feet etc. under the jack or pallet.

Have a presence of mind while performing your duties with a pallet jack, this way any untoward incident can always be avoided.