Bottle Jacks: Compact Solution for Heavy Lifting in Workshops

A bottle jack is a hydraulic jack that is shaped like a bottle, hence its name. It is also called a whiskey jack. The bottle jack is used for lifting heavy objects such as vehicles and industrial equipment. It is ideal for heavy lifting in automotive repairs and equipment maintenance activities. It can easily lift … Read more

Outdoor Shelters Make Great Venues for Fun and Leisure

Thinking of throwing another party? Get an outdoor shelter and celebrate the day at your backyard. Outdoor shelters are smart and affordable solutions for special events like birthdays, receptions, reunions and more. Outdoor shelters are primarily designed to offer protection from the sun and rain. At the park, bus stop and other public places, they … Read more

Air Compressors Are Handy Around the Home

Air compressors have plenty of uses around the home. These handy devices convert electricity, gas or diesel into kinetic energy by pressurizing and compressing air. Air power is tapped by many types of hand tools such as air drills, air pumps, air ratchets and blow guns. Apart from powering pneumatic tools, air compressors are used … Read more

Hand Trucks Reduce Fatigue and Increase Productivity

Moving heavy items is a physically demanding task that often requires the use of material handling equipment like the hand truck. Hand trucks or dollies have many applications across all industries. They are commonly used to move luggage at transportation terminals. At stores and warehouses, they are used to move products and goods that are … Read more

Use Fork Extensions To Extend Your Forklift’s Reach By As Much As 50%

Forklift fork extensions are popular forklift attachments that extend the reach of a forklift. They are very useful in material handling activities at the workplace and are a cost-effective way of enhancing a forklift’s functionality. Forklift fork extensions are used to lift loads that are difficult to pick up or balance on standard forks. They … Read more

Protect Your Hands From Nicks and Scrapes by Wearing Work Gloves

Work gloves are a basic form of hand protection. They are ideally worn when performing work that exposes your hands to risk of injury. They take all the wear, tear, nicks and scrapes that your hands would otherwise be exposed to without protective gloves. There are many different kinds of work gloves, each designed for … Read more

Forklift Access Platform Allows You to Work at Heights

Order picking, inventory management, installations, maintenance and many other activities at the warehouse often require employees to work at height. An access platform mounted on a forklift is a quick, safe and easy solution during these situations. Forklifts are primarily intended for lifting objects. But they can also be modified to accommodate people with the … Read more

Need to Repair Your Equipment? Stay Safe with a LockOut-TagOut Program

Industrial equipment can be very unforgiving when workers get careless. Accidents at the workplace involving the accidental startup of material handling machinery can result in severe injuries and even death. Having a lockout-tagout (LOTO) program helps ensure the safety of workers when performing maintenance jobs on dangerous equipment. A lockout-tagout program temporarily disables equipment and … Read more

Loading Bay Safety More Critical with Holiday Rush

With the upcoming holiday season, businesses are stocking up on Christmas inventory and warehouses are seeing more traffic. Material handling equipment training provider Mentor Training warns that the increase in orders, pre-deliveries and workplace activity during the holiday rush multiplies the safety risks associated with the loading and unloading of goods. “Loading bay safety always … Read more

Choosing Forklift Attachments & Accessories

The forklift has multitude of uses in the material handling industry such as in construction and warehousing. Already a highly productive equipment, the forklift can be made more useful with the addition of attachments and accessories. Forklift attachments and accessories are available in many varieties and forms which allow a forklift to be modified for … Read more