Lift Equipment Offers Solutions for Rising Warehouse Heights

Many companies are responding to the increasing cost of real estate by building warehouses that are taller rather than wider. And makers of lift trucks and other industrial equipment are responding by offering more electrical powered vehicles that are designed for high-density facilities that feature narrow aisles. Why electric? Because unlike machines powered by internal … Read more

Telescopic Handlers and Boom Attachments for Forkifts

Telescopic Handlers and Forklift Boom Attachments
Telescopic Handler

A telescopic handler is sort of a hybrid between a forklift and a crane. Its versatile telescopic arm can extend forwards and upwards from the vehicle and the end can be fitted with various attachments, including a bucket, pallet forks, a muck grab or a lift table. This sort of vehicle is used widely in industry and agriculture.

It’s commonly fitted with pallet forks to move loads to and from areas not accessible by forklifts. For example, a telescopic handler can be used to remove pallets from a trailer and place them on rooftops or other high places. It is often used instead of a crane, which is not always practical or cost-efficient.

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Equipment Rental to Continue Trending Upward in 2014, Industry Report Says

Equipment Rental Industry Growh Expected to Continue to GrowThe US equipment rental market is expected to grow 9.8% in 2014, according to a report released this week by the American Rental Association. And it is expected to increase even further, to 11.8%, in 2015.

During 2013, the US equipment rental industry grew 7.3% over 2012, with $33.6 billion in revenues projected, the ARA report stated. The reason for the strong forecast was anticipated growth in residential construction as the nation continues to bounce back from the housing crisis of the past several years.

“The US equipment rental market is expected to continue its upward trajectory and show significant growth through 2017,” according to a summary of the report, called the ARA’s Rental Market Monitor. “Strong growth in real residential construction through 2015 will fuel the construction and industrial equipment segment.”

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Forklift Access Platform Allows You to Work at Heights

Order picking, inventory management, installations, maintenance and many other activities at the warehouse often require employees to work at height. An access platform mounted on a forklift is a quick, safe and easy solution during these situations. Forklifts are primarily intended for lifting objects. But they can also be modified to accommodate people with the … Read more

Peerless Media Study: Toyota Lift Trucks Deliver Highest Quality & Value

Bahrns Equipment is an authorized dealer of Toyota lift trucks in Central Illinois. For the seventh consecutive time, the lift trucks by Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU) ranked first for lowest cost of ownership in a yearly study by Peerless Media Research Group. Peerless Media defines cost of ownership as the potential related expenses … Read more

Transmon Fleet Management System Enforces Daily, Rigorous Checks on New & Reconditioned Forklifts – Part 4

Tweet The reconditioned forklifts at Bahrns Equipment are just as efficient as brand new forklifts. About Transmon Engineering Transmon Engineering Ltd. is an ISO9001:2000-accredited designer and manufacturer of electronic devices and fleet management systems that can be integrated in new and reconditioned forklifts. The company’s modular systems enhance workplace safety and productivity. Transmon Engineering has … Read more

Transmon Fleet Management System Enforces Daily, Rigorous Checks on New & Reconditioned Forklifts – Part 3

Buy reconditioned forklifts at a fraction of their original price at Bahrns Equipment! Transmon Engineering’s TDS5 fleet management system for new and reconditioned forklifts bars the truck engines from starting up unless the forklift operator answers all of the questions in the system check list. To properly utilize the system and fully enjoy its benefits, … Read more

Transmon Fleet Management System Enforces Daily, Rigorous Checks on New & Reconditioned Forklifts – Part 2

Daily checks on reconditioned forklifts alert operators to small issues before they worsen. It is an important safety precaution to check reconditioned forklifts and even new forklifts for malfunctions before operating the units at the beginning of each shift. A daily check ensures that all the lift trucks are in proper working order before they … Read more

Transmon Fleet Management System Enforces Daily, Rigorous Checks on New & Reconditioned Forklifts – Part 1

Promote workplace safety by performing daily checks on your reconditioned forklifts. The latest forklift fleet management system by Transmon Engineering Ltd. requires forklift operators to perform detailed checks of their lift trucks before they can run the units. The system can be incorporated in new forklifts and reconditioned forklifts alike. Transmon Engineering’s TDS5 fleet management … Read more

Rough Terrain Forklifts & Aerial Lifts: Indispensable Misc Equipment for Large Scale Industrial Operations – Part 3

Misc equipment like rough terrain forklifts are very useful in material handling activities. Rough terrain forklifts are notable for their large, treaded pneumatic tires which are similar to the tires in trucks. These tires are made of durable rubber and filled with compressed air. The air in the tires protects the misc equipment from shocks … Read more