Stretch Wrap an Essential Tool for Keeping Pallets Safe

What in the world did we do before stretch wrap? It’s now one of the most commonly used methods of pallet wrapping. Stretch wrap isn’t just effective. It’s also relatively cheap, easy to use, and convenient. And it can be either low-tech or high-tech: In small operations, it can be slid onto a broom handle … Read more

Polybag Pouches Gaining in Popularity

It appears that more e-commerce and omni-channel retailers are turning to plastic pouches, also known as polybags, for shipping non-fragile products. Reports say that this is occurring because the bags cost less per unit to ship. Distribution centers and warehouses appear to favor the lighter weight of the bags and less use of storage space … Read more

How to Securely Assemble a Cardboard Box for Shipping

When shipping small- or medium-sized items, often the best option is one of the simplest: A traditional cardboard box. Cardboard boxes come in a variety of sizes and strengths, from inexpensive, single-use shipping boxes to custom-made, reinforced cardboard boxes designed for repeated shipping uses. Yet, when it comes down to is, most cardboard boxes are … Read more

Paperboard Packaging Lighter, Cheaper and Faster than Wood

Protecting products when they are shipped is essential to any manufacturer’s success. But using wood, metal and other heavy, bulky shipping materials adds to the product’s weight, takes longer to prepare, and can sometimes lead to more goods damaged during shipment. That’s the lesson learned by Tuscan Iron Entries, a Tennessee manufacturer of high-quality iron … Read more

Demand for Protective Packaging in U.S. to Grow 5% a Year Through 2019

According to a study by the Freedonia Group, demand for the use of protective packaging will increase at a rate of about 5 percent a year through 2019. The rise in demand is due to a rise in sales over the Internet and the use of more environmentally friendly materials including air pillows, paper fill, … Read more

Greener Packaging

One of the most iconic images of all time is of Earth looking like a blue marble surrounded by the darkness of space. The photo was taken during one of the Apollo missions to the moon. The image is an ideal one to represent the importance of the green revolution and the struggle of keeping … Read more

How to Achieve a More Efficient Warehouse

Business majors learn early on that an efficient operation leads to greater revenue and higher profits. This is true for any business including the warehouse trade. Everyone knows that efficiency of operation cannot be achieved by accident. You need a plan. Here are some ideas. ·      Prioritize SKUs. The popularity of an SKU may depend … Read more

New Guidelines Issued for the Use of Reusable Plastic Containers

The Reusable Packaging  Association last week issued new guidelines for use of reusable plastic containers, which are becoming an increasingly popular way to transport fresh and perishable products in the supply chain. The voluntary guidelines encompass the washing, handling, storing, packing, displaying and collecting of plastic containers in the supply chain, as well as defining … Read more

Businesses Turn to On Demand Packaging to Combat Dim Pricing

At the end of this month, when FedEx and UPS begin charging delivery fees based on package dimensions, delivery costs for companies that use these carriers could increase up to 30%. Since the 1930s, most carriers calculated shipping rates based on a carton’s weight vs. the distance it was being shipped. But FedEx, UPS and … Read more