Bulk Containers May Be the Solution to Your Shipping Problems

Reusable Plastic ContainersIn today’s fast response marketplace, shipping costs are one of the fastest-growing line items in practically any business’s budget these days. Customers accustomed to online ordering now want their orders faster and cheaper than ever.

While mega-corporations like Amazon and Wal-Mart can afford to spend billions on research and development into innovative delivery methods such as robots and pilotless drones, the typical small business has to find ways to improve efficiency any way they can.

One possible solution to reducing shipping costs is to spend less on packaging and make a one-time investment in bulk containers.

Flexibility of Bulk Containers

Bulk containers are widely used in materials handling, especially in the transport of food products. Typically made of hard, durable plastic, bulk containers come in every imaginable size, shape, and thickness so you are sure to find the ones that are best for your particular product.

Most bulk containers are stackable. Some are even lockable for increased product protection and safety during shipping.

They also are affordable and cost-effective. A one-time investment in a reusable bulk container will usually be far less than the cost of disposable cardboard boxes and other types of single-use packaging.

Benefits of Bulk Containers

Most bulk containers are engineered to provide years of use. Many can be used over and over again without worry of warping, eroding, splintering, or rusting out. Long-lasting bulk containers are one of the most cost-effective ways to move parts, products, or supplies across your warehouse floor or across the country.

Because they are reusable, businesses can see an immediate reduction in their packaging line item. Even if they become damaged, most bulk containers can be easily repaired and put right back into service.

They also take up less space during transport than traditional disposable packaging. Most are stackable when filled and nestable when empty. They also come with or without lids, which reduces the amount of space needed to store them when they are not in use.

Sanitation and Environmental Benefits

Keeping bulk containers clean is simple. Just use water and a little soap if necessary and they are literally as good as new. Or if you use enough bulk containers, they can be pushed through a bulk container cleaning machine which sanitizes them completely.

Finally, because they reduce the amount of post-market waste, bulk containers are better for the environment, providing a benefit for both the planet and your business’s reputation.