Benefits of Collapsible Bulk Containers

collapsible bulk container beneftsWhen distributing and warehousing products today, there are many options available. While traditional wood or hard plastic pallets provide versatility and the ability to be easily moved with standard materials handling equipment such as forklifts, an increasing number of companies are turning to collapsible bulk containers.

Collapsible bulk containers come in a variety of sizes and materials, including plastic, steel, aluminum and even foam. They are easily to expand or break down according to the users’ specific needs.

Reduce Transportation Costs

One of the biggest benefits of collapsible bulk containers is that they have a uniform container weight, which is important for estimating cartage costs. Collapsible bulk containers are often made from lightweight materials, which means they are less expensive to ship.

Thanks to their ability to be broken down, collapsible bulk containers take up less storage space when not in use. Plus, because they are made from more durable materials than cardboard or other disposable or recyclable shipping containers, they have a much longer useful life and promote increased productivity. 

Collapsible bulk containers are available in both heavy duty and light duty versions, so the type of collapsible bulk boxes you need can be determined by what is being shipped and how long you anticipate the container’s useful life to be.

Durable and Cleanable

Another benefit of collapsible bulk containers is that they are resistant to both rust and corrosion. Most can be easily cleaned with a hose, but they also have the durability to be passed through a heavy-duty container cleaner if necessary. They are resistant to moisture,oils and chemicals.

They also are dent- and chip-resistant. Many include structural foam construction. Some also have easy-close snap lock latches.

Workers often prefer using collapsible bulk containers to flimsier cardboard or bulkier wood or metal boxes because they are more ergonomically friendly. They are easier to lift and move and when they are not in use they can simply be broken down and stored safely out of the way.

Collapsible bulk containers come in a variety of colors and they can easily be personalized with a company brand or logo. This can be an effective way to promote secondary marketing and expand brand recognition “behind the scenes”.

Variety of Special  Features Available

They also come with various features such as security holes, drop doors, lids and internal dunnage. Some companies will even manufacture collapsible bulk containers according to the users’ exact specifications to accommodate special uses.

Some of the features commonly found on collapsible bulk containers include:

  • Access doors
  • Color variety
  • Stacking knobs
  • Stacking rings
  • Attached forklift access
  • Lids

In some cases, collapsible bulk containers have four-way fork access to promote more convenient transportation. They can enable users to ship more containers per truckload than other types of larger containers.

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