Making Your Facility’s Loading Docks Safe For All, Part 2

Eco-Max Micron Pallet Wrap
Eco-Max Micron Pallet Wrap.

Last time, we considered the loading docks at your distribution center or warehouse, and how a few simple changes can make a world of difference in personnel safety. Now let’s continue with more tips for improving safety at the docks!

One kind of potential hazard at any loading dock is when a pallet gets damaged or breaks while being moved. A way to reduce the danger associated with a load of materials shifting or falling because of a broken pallet is to create and adopt a system to check pallets. Workers might inspect pallets either before or after a certain number of uses. And if a pallet has a noticeable defect but is already loaded with goods, make sure the workers at the loading dock know to have the products moved to a safe pallet. These steps not only make good sense for employee and bystander safety, but they can reduce incidents of damaged goods and equipment.

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