Mirrors Reflect Your Business’s Efficiency

In this high tech age, there are many different types of electronics that can provide surveillance and improve the safety of your business. But in many cases, low-tech mirrors can serve the same purpose for a fraction of the cost.

There are many different types of mirrors that can be used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, docks, and other businesses. But they all work the same way, using natural light to provide a reflection that can make people more aware of prospective dangers.

Wide-Angle Mirrors

Wide-angle mirrors can be hung at the ends of aisles or in the shoulder between ceilings and walls to provide a “fish eye” view of an extended area. This lets people on the ground level see a wider angle of what’s around them, including objects and vehicles at their sides or approaching them from behind.

Panoramic quarter-dome mirrors provide a similar viewpoint. These can be installed in corners to give a 90-degree view in every direction to avoid collisions between people and machinery and other hazards.

Drop-In Dome Mirrors

Sometimes you don’t actually have to see a hazard in order to avoid it. You can actually sense it. Drop-in dome mirrors don’t give a very precise actual reflection because of their shape. But they can give workers a “heads up” if there is something moving in their direction from a blind corner or other areas.

Drop-in dome mirrors also are specifically designed with the exact dimensions of drop ceilings so they can easily be placed in the middle, at the end, or any other place where you already use a drop ceiling.

Panoramic full-dome mirrors are similar in function but are typically bolted or glued into position rather than already part of a drop-ceiling panel.

Convex Mirrors

A convex mirror is curved outwards to provide a wide-angle view of an area such as an aisle, a corner, or a straightaway. They feature sturdy brackets and bolts that allow them to be hung practically anywhere. And they are widely used in warehouses, docks, factories, and even retail businesses such as grocery stores to provide heightened visibility and to reduce blind spots.

One-way mirrors are specially designed panes of glass that have a mirrored surface on one side but a see-through surface on the other. They are typically used for surveillance of work areas, retail businesses, and other places where you want to be able to see other people without them knowing it.

Mirrors may be low-tech. But they are a cost-effective, highly efficient way to improve visibility in your workplace.