Nexen Unveils New Electric Lift Trucks


New Nexen electric lift truck. (Courtesy: Nexen)
New Nexen electric lift truck.
(Courtesy: Nexen)

Nexen has introduced a new three and four-wheel electric lift truck. The lift has a 1600-2000kg capacity and comes in both long and short wheelbase.

The lift trucks feature high capacity DIN-STD batteries for multiple shift operations and include fast and easy side entry battery removal. The trucks have been pre-launch tested and they exceed all design expectations for stability, reliability, driver comfort, performance, and energy efficiency.

The trucks have been designed with high emphasis on ease of maintenance. They offer easy accessibility to all serviceable parts, including the complete control panel, which is removable in less than two minutes. There is also an optional fully tilting cabin feature.

In addition, the FBXT and FBX machines feature regenerative braking assisting in longer battery life and improved energy efficiency. No adjustments are required on the automatic parking brake, which reduces equipment maintenance requirements.

Nexen partnered with Curtis Wright Corporation, who has introduced a new rotary position sensor that is specified for use on Nexen’s British-designed and manufactured forklift trucks using Nexen purpose-designed steering axle. Both the three and four-wheel models include versions of the Curtis Wright sensors, which are being used to detect steering, position and direction. The feedback from the sensor is exhibited to the operator via the onboard diagnostic display.

These electric models are the latest in Nexen’s line of counterbalanced forklift trucks and have been specifically designed for the logistics and warehousing sector. Their load capacities range from 1.6 to 2 tons with multiple configurations including EPS, hydraulic steering and other options available.

Research, development, design, and production of these machines were performed at the company’s European headquarters and the company used its UK facilities rather than its Taiwan facilities for their manufacturing.

Finally, Nexen offers a service exchange program to ensure any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.