STRETCH FILM Part 6: Which Film Do You Need?

Before we get to the grand finale lets cover one more quick, but important subject, Pallet Load Configurations. Pallet load configurations are classified as A, B or C. A. Is a square uniformed load that’s easily wrapped. B. Is a somewhat irregular load that’s more difficult to wrap. C. Consists of a very irregular load … Read more

STRETCH FILM Part 5: Types of Stretch Wrap Machine Systems

So we’ve covered what type of stretch film machines are available. However, there’s a couple types stretching systems that are used on stretch film machines. There is a Force to Load system which involves the unwinding of the stretch film roll being braked and restricted in a manner, stretching the film between the stretch film … Read more

STRETCH FILM Part 2: Blown or Cast?

Stretch film companies manufacture their products differently. They use numerous blends of resins resulting in the production of films with different properties. The two processes to achieving the finished product is blown or cast. Blown films are soft and can be easily stretched. They are noisier while being applied from the roll. This film has … Read more

Stretch Film – An Essential Part of Your Packaging Supplies

As any industrial manufacturer and supplier will tell you, keeping goods safe during storage and transportation can have a huge impact on your bottom line.  Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap, should be an essential component of your packaging supplies and material handling activities. Here are some of the many benefits using stretch film … Read more

Stretch Wrap – Keep Your Products Safe

Industrial goods go through a great deal of handling and transportation. Using stretch wrap, or stretch film, ensures your valuable products do not become damaged through all the activities that take place between manufacturing and shipment to their destination. Stretch wrap is an excellent way to keep all of the smaller items needed in a … Read more