‘So How Does Stretch Wrap Work, Anyway?’

Stretch wrap is something that is widely used both in industry and at home. It is used for everything from wrapping stacks of products piled onto a pallet so that they remain intact during transport to preserving and extending the life of a bowl of chicken salad that will be stored in your refrigerator. But … Read more

Specialty Stretch Film: Stretch Wrap for Special Packaging

Specialty stretch film is the stretch wrap of choice for items that require special packaging. There are times when ordinary stretch wraps are not enough to meet the packaging requirements of certain goods and items. These special cases call for the use of specialty stretch film. Specialty stretch film collectively refers to the various types … Read more

Machine Stretch Film: Stretch Wrap for Machine Wrappers

The machine stretch film is specially designed for use with a stretch wrap machine. The machine stretch film is another common type of stretch wrap that is applied using a stretch wrap machine or machine wrapper. Compared to the manually applied hand stretch film, the mechanically applied machine stretch film provides for speedier and more … Read more

Stretch Wrap: Simple & Cost-Effective Packaging Solution

The stretch wrap is a simple yet very effective packaging solution. When shipping and storing products and goods, it is important to properly pack them to prevent damage and spoilage. The stretch wrap is a simple and very affordable packaging solution that can help you accomplish this. Also known as stretch film, the stretch wrap … Read more

The Ever Evolving World of Stretch Wrap: Part 1 – It Takes All Kinds!

As the industry evolves so do the products that keep it moving forward into the future.  Stretch wrap, stretch film, pallet wrap, pallet film, that plastic stuff, or what ever you choose to refer to it as has protected our products in the warehouse supplies and materials handling industry for decades.  Skid upon skid, load … Read more

Stretch Wrap – Pt2 Keep Your Products Safe while being Stored or Shipped

Versatility is another benefit of stretch wrap and the fact that it is elastic makes it the most favorable choice. It can fit around any object, no matter how big and heavy it is. You can keep the valuable items covered during transportation and can prevent them from dust. If items are eatables then it … Read more

Stretch Wrap – Pt1 Keep Your Products Safe while being Stored or Shipped

Industrial equipment and goods have to go through lots of transportation after completion and due to this fact; new and improved systems have been introduced to protect goods from getting damaged during transportation. Stretch wrap or stretch film can greatly reduce the risk of damage and will protect the goods during transportation. You can keep … Read more

STRETCH FILM Part 6: Which Film Do You Need?

Before we get to the grand finale lets cover one more quick, but important subject, Pallet Load Configurations. Pallet load configurations are classified as A, B or C. A. Is a square uniformed load that’s easily wrapped. B. Is a somewhat irregular load that’s more difficult to wrap. C. Consists of a very irregular load … Read more

STRETCH FILM Part 5: Types of Stretch Wrap Machine Systems

So we’ve covered what type of stretch film machines are available. However, there’s a couple types stretching systems that are used on stretch film machines. There is a Force to Load system which involves the unwinding of the stretch film roll being braked and restricted in a manner, stretching the film between the stretch film … Read more