Stretch Wrap – Pt2 Keep Your Products Safe while being Stored or Shipped

Versatility is another benefit of stretch wrap and the fact that it is elastic makes it the most favorable choice. It can fit around any object, no matter how big and heavy it is. You can keep the valuable items covered during transportation and can prevent them from dust. If items are eatables then it will prevent them from getting contaminated during transportation.

It is see-through and one can easily see what is inside the packing. It is beneficial for you and your customer. You can check the order after packing is complete and customer can check it as well upon receiving. It will save your time as well, as you would not have to check individual items. This packing method can work with almost every automated system of material handling and can improve the overall efficiency.

Stretch films are available in different sizes in the market and you can choose them from different sizes that suit your requirements. Its width ranges from 10 to 70 inches and can cover almost anything. It will be important for you to measure the load and then use the appropriate tape. This will save your cost but most importantly, your products will remain secure during transportation. You can use convenience and hand wraps wherever these are needed.

Stretch Wrap
Stretch Wrapped Pallet on a Stretch Wrap Machine.

So, before you send your next shipment, do consider stretch wrap to avoid damage costs. It will help you in improving your inventory control and will make material handling effective and efficient. It can be a best alternative to your existing ineffective packing methods.

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