Industrial Fans Are Like Christmas In The Summertime!

Beautiful weather isn’t it? Hot! Air conditioning is great, as long as you can stay in the office all day! For those of us who don’t have a choice and work in the shop, warehouse, production center or barn just a simple breeze would be better than a 120+ degrees. Walking into the plant and running head on into that stagnant, musty and thick air just drags the spirit down. It feels like walking into a nasty wall of heat and stink. Then out of nowhere there’s a breeze! In the corner of the shop there is a powerful industrial fan on. Ah that’s better! It’s all about circulation for us.

Industrial Fan
Keep cool with an Industrial Fan from

Industrial fans are great! Keeping the spirits up and making it somewhat comfortable in these hot months. They can be hung from high ceilings along isles to create a constant breeze keeping the air flowing throughout the building. There are belt driven industrial fans, direct drive fans, and mobile industrial fans that can be relocated at anytime.

Exhaust fans are great help for circulating air. They help keep the hot air blowing out of the facility while the industrial fans continue to circulate inside. Shutter mounted exhaust fans are the most common variety. The shutters open up when the fan is running and close when it’s off. This prevents the “good” air from escaping.

Shutter Mounted Exhaust Fan
Shutter Mounted Exhaust Fan

It’s smart business to purchase an industrial fan for your workplace. It keeps the air circulating which creates a little more comfort. The comfort creates better spirits which in turn will increase your productivity and efficiency. Remember, a happy crew or workforce is a productive one and in the heat of the sticky summer months an industrial fan in the plant would be like Christmas in the summertime!