Portable Air Conditioners and Power Misters

For a cooler more intense air conditioning you can rely to portable air conditioners and power misters. These devices offer colder air discharge compare to ordinary electric fans but they are more affordable than the bigger, bulkier industrial air conditioners in the market. Portable air conditioners and power misters are ideal for spot cooling and … Read more

Industrial Fans

Industrial fans are equipments that are used to provide continuous flow of air in large areas. These fans can aerate roughly 200 to 2,000,000 cubic feet per minute depending on its size. These heavy duty electric fans are often used in industrial and commercial places like the production room, meeting room and show room among … Read more

Industrial Fans Are Like Christmas In The Summertime!

Beautiful weather isn’t it? Hot! Air conditioning is great, as long as you can stay in the office all day! For those of us who don’t have a choice and work in the shop, warehouse, production center or barn just a simple breeze would be better than a 120+ degrees. Walking into the plant and … Read more