Label Maker is the ‘Dad’s’ Tool that Can Actually Improve Efficiency

Label MakerLabel makers have been around for some time now. They allow people and businesses to create and print their own professional looking labels that can be affixed to shelves, boxes, and other storage spaces.

Labelling everything allows you to quickly and efficiently organize any space, knowing immediately what is supposed to go in every spot and simplifying the task of putting away products and other materials.

But label making also can go too far. Imagine labeling your home refrigerator, for example, or the items in your medicine cabinet. In fact, label makers are often joked about as a very “dad” thing to own.

Zoning Your Workspace

All kidding aside, label makers are actually an affordable and effective way to improve the flow of practically any workspace.

Labeling shelves with what items go where and specific quantities that belong there not only aids in the putting away of items, but also in establishing inventory pars for reordering.

The labels created by most label makers can be printed in a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors, allowing you to zone your workspace according to any distinctions you want. For example, tools can be printed in one color, office supplies in another, and parts or equipment in a third, and so on.

Convertible Cartridges

Label Maker IIMost label makers use interchangeable tape cartridges, which allow you to use tapes of different sizes and color backgrounds. This can make zoning spaces and labeling shelves even more efficient and productive.

Plus, many of the label makers on the market today are made of durable, high-impact materials that allow you to take them into the field without having to worry as much about breaking by dropping or other accidental damage.

Plus, once you run out of tape, all you need to do is pop out the old cartridge, put in a new one and you are all ready to go. Keeping a supply of blank cartridges on hand means you never need to stop labeling!

Label Makers Are Addictive

A word of warning, however: Once you start labeling areas of your workspace, it can be hard to stop. Most people love the way their offices, warehouses, docks, and other work areas look with neat, professionally printed labels marking every square inch.

You may soon find yourself labeling areas that don’t necessarily need printed labels yet you may find it impossible to stop labeling everything in sight.┬áNo wonder label makers take such a great amount of kidding as the ultimate “dad” device.