Your Fork Lift Is Only As Good As Its Operator

optimizing labor in warehouse or work yard

You could buy a prized race horse, but if you don’t know how to ride it, you’re not going to become a champion jockey. You won’t win the Indy 500 by buying the fastest race car, either. When we look at races that are won, it is usually because of the driver, not the car. … Read more

Common Sense & Knowing Capacity Prevents Pallet Collapse

Pallets of finished product collapse for plenty of reasons. It is easiest to blame the material handler when Pallets of finished product collapse, but there are other reasons that need to be considered when seeking to reach the route cause. Some key reasons pallet collapses can happen even when the contents are stacked with care … Read more

Videos show forklift accidents any new driver can have

We all think accidents will be something that happens to someone else. We all know that doesn’t have to be the case. Any new driver can have an accident. So can a veteran driver who is careless, who doesn’t pay attention to obstacles or is simply going too fast. Common sense forklift operation ought to … Read more

Comic relief for forklift safety training? Check out these fun videos of kids stealing a lift truck

Safety trainers may differ on how to effectively engage the operators and keep their attention during classroom training. Comic relief in safety training can not only lighten the mood, but also give the operators some useful perspective. Some video clips from various movies show some great examples of how not to use equipment such as … Read more

Anatomy of a top safety training program

Hyster offers comprehensive, award-winning safety training guides Hyster is one of the reputable brands of material-handling equipment sold by Barhns. Hyster equipment can be purchased with a comprehensive safety training program for equipment operators. Hyster’s safety program earned the Aurora award last fall and is considered a comprehensive safety training program that meets OSHA and … Read more

Toyota takes the cake in Euro-airport logistics

When we think logistics, we think trucks, forklifts and warehouses-and we often forget one of the biggest components of the global supply chain-the airport. Europe’s airports are among the largest movers of goods, and the equipment used to get all the work done is quite unique. One company- Toyota Material Handling Europe (THME) is leading the way … Read more

Hidden hazards that kill people

How can you be certain your work area is safe? You’ve been trained and you know about wearing proper PPE that is fully functional and intact. So why then, do people still die on jobsites despite taking all the normal safety precautions? You need to conduct a job safety analysis A video published by the … Read more

How to choose ISO-approved equipment

Few things can be as confusing and challenging and ISO regulations. Your clients demand that your facilities be ISO-certified, so not going ISO is not an option. As if getting ISO-certified wasn’t a big enough headache, you need to make sure that your equipment is also ISO certified. How would you like to spend twenty … Read more

Revamp material handling equipment for less than buying new

In our consumer culture, we’re obsessed with buying new-not buying new things-just buying things that are new. We’re talking about necessary purchases-in the material handling industry it can mean any part of your packing line. We want the latest and the greatest, which in the past always meant buying new equipment. Supply Chain Digest tells … Read more