Comic relief for forklift safety training? Check out these fun videos of kids stealing a lift truck

Safety trainers may differ on how to effectively engage the operators and keep their attention during classroom training. Comic relief in safety training can not only lighten the mood, but also give the operators some useful perspective.

Some video clips from various movies show some great examples of how not to use equipment such as forklifts and other items in the warehouse. The videos do show some plausible examples of what can happen when equipment is misused. They also remind material handlers of the risks that can come when equipment is not properly secured in warehouses where customers are present.

The lighter side of warehouse and forklift hijinks

On the lighter side, the different warehouse equipment gets a chance to have the light of glory shine on it. Take for example, the un-glamorous pallet-a platform for dancing-though we won’t recommend it in real life, the video is one to be enjoyed. Shakespeare said that “all the world’s a stage”; and the warehouse is a big part of everyone’s world in one way or another.

Furthermore, everyone would love to see a video that shows kids swiping a forklift from the unsuspecting operator at the local price club warehouse-and see them raise a little Cain when they drive it down the aisles against the unrelenting pleading of their parents to stop-we just hope we never see it in real life.


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