Hidden hazards that kill people

How can you be certain your work area is safe? You’ve been trained and you know about wearing proper PPE that is fully functional and intact. So why then, do people still die on jobsites despite taking all the normal safety precautions?protective eye gear

You need to conduct a job safety analysis

A video published by the National Association of General Contractors explains to you, free of charge how to conduct a proper job safety analysis, or JSA, so you can find hidden hazards. The video includes real-life scenarios-both of tragic deaths of workers when JSAs weren’t conducted, and how the proper JSA can prevent such things form happening.

One case explained how workers were sending a welder inside a pipe to fix a bad weld. They established a proper oxygen supply for the confined pipe in order to prevent the person inside from suffocating, but neglected to consider that they might have been creating an oxygen-rich environment in a confined space-a recipe for disaster because it caused an explosion.

Learn how to conduct a JSA with all the proper documents

The video quizzes you on how to identify the hazards and creating hazard controls. It walks you through the scenario and offers different practical examples based on real workplace situations, such as working in confined spaces, working with forklifts and heavy equipment and other examples. The pictorial explanations and slides enable you to digest and retain the information easily, and can be useful tools in training others once you have viewed the program from start to finish.


National Association of General Contractors video “Step by Step Job Safety Analysis”


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