Kubota Unveils New Series Of Compact Powered Rakes

Kubota is now offering the CSR 10 series Compact Powered Rakes. Made by Land Pride for Kubota, the rake is ideal for seedbed prep. It includes a CII hitch that accommodates most compact utility loaders. It also has direct drive, and offers manual or hydraulic angling.

Used for landscaping or in construction, the powered rake features a stud roller that offers 25-degree left or right angles. This feature permits windrow of large rocks and debris to one side for easy collection. A non-floating hitch applies down pressure when raking.

Spacers on the machine control the height. It also includes a roller that features a bearing protector.

Additional Features Of The CSR 10 Series Compact Powered Rake

Land Pride constructed Kubota CSR10 Series Compace Powered Rake.
Kubota CSR 10 Series Compact Powered Rake. Land Pride manufactured the product for Kubota. (Courtesy: Land Pride. Bahrns Equipment is a proud dealer of Kubota & Land Pride Equipment and offers Kubota & Land Pride Parts online at Bahrns.com)

Hydraulic actuator and manual telescoping link that allows the driver to change rake angle from the driver’s seat.
• Battery connect with optional switch wire harness that connects to a compact utility loader battery.
• ¾-inch x ½-inch carbide tipped stud roller, which is tough enough for the rake to be used in the mining industry. Although the studs offer long life, they can be replaced one at a time when it becomes necessary.
• Adjustable gauge wheels adjusts vertically to set working depth. The wheels accommodate tall and wide tires that assist in turning the rake in fluffy soil and the feature includes factory-installed sealant that helps prevent punctures.
• Side wings with storage space that can be used to hold dirt when filling low spots. The space easily stores the wings, so that they are always with the powered rake and thus always available when needed.
• Two material control blades determine the size of debris that passes through the roller as well as what size is moved to the side. The two blades allow for forward and reverse roller rotation.
• Bi-directional roller that operates when the machine travels forward or backward.
• The compact utility loader to which the rake is attached controls the variable roller speed. Roller speeds vary from 224 rpm at 10gpm to 449 rpm at 20gpm.
• A guard cover protects the motor and hydraulic fittings from dirt.
• An end bearing cover protects the roller bearing from wear and dirt.

For more information, visit the Land Pride website or call your local Kubota dealer.