Signage For Safety

Effectively labeling your distribution center with safety signage can prevent injuries and is an OSHA demand. Not only can it prevent or at least minimize injury to personnel, it can minimize downtime and workers’ compensation claims and fines. Making your facility injury free starts with a safety inspection and evaluation of all operations, equipment and … Read more

This Week’s Bahrns Blog September 2016 Week 3

Here is a special sneak preview of some of the stories you will find coming soon on the Bahrns blog: New reporting requirements have revealed that serious workplace injuries, such as amputations, are more common than previously believed. On average, there are seven amputations per day in the US.  What’s causing these terrible, life-changing injuries? … Read more

6 Life Hacks for Organizing Your Industrial Toolbox

Keeping track of your tools in a busy warehouse or manufacturing operation can be a challenge. Tools that are lost, misplaced or stolen are expensive to replace. Plus, you need your tools to do your job so you are counting on them to be there when you reach for them. Industrial tool carts and toolboxes … Read more

Ryder Unveils ‘Female Friendly Vehicle Package’ for Woman Truckers

The truck maker Ryder has developed a new type of truck cabin that is specifically designed to facilitate the unique needs of female truck drivers. The new “female-friendly vehicle package” includes features such as adjustable seat belt shoulder straps, improved placement of dashboard gauges, adjusted height and placement of grab handles, and better access to … Read more

Warehouse and Dock Design Equipment

Warehouses and docks are often the busiest parts of any company’s operations. Trucks, forklifts and other vehicles are constantly coming and going as workers scurry to accomplish their tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your warehouse and dock areas can be a hive of activity. So providing your team members with the finest warehouse … Read more

Watch as Test Pilots Push Boeing Newest Jetliner to Terrifying Limits

Boeing already has sold more than 1,000 of its newest passenger jet — the 787 Dreamliner — to more than 58 airlines all around the globe. But hopefully none of them will have to push the aircraft to the terrifying limits exhibited during a test flight at an air show in England last year. Heart-Stopping … Read more

Storage Solutions Heeds the Advice: “Go West, Young Man!”

Storage Solutions — the Indianapolis-based employee-owned manufacturer of industrial storage and materials handling equipment – is making a big push into the Western market by opening a new office in Ontario, California, and a 50,000 square foot distributions center in nearby Montebello. The new warehouse and distribution center will house a wide variety of the … Read more

How to choose ISO-approved equipment

Few things can be as confusing and challenging and ISO regulations. Your clients demand that your facilities be ISO-certified, so not going ISO is not an option. As if getting ISO-certified wasn’t a big enough headache, you need to make sure that your equipment is also ISO certified. How would you like to spend twenty … Read more