Service Carts Provide Mobility and Utility

A service cart is a simple tool. It’s generally one or two platforms attached to a set of casters. It can be wheeled from one location to another, carrying parts, supplies, small machinery, or even products. For manufacturing operations, distribution centers, docks, and warehouses, service carts are convenient and essential equipment for maintenance staff, cleaning … Read more

Benefits of Separating Trash and Recyclables

What’s in your trash can?┬áThe answer to that question can affect not only your business’s profitability but also its reputation. Today, most communities have some type of residential recycling program. Many towns and cities also work with businesses to recycle production waste, used packaging materials, and other environmentally friendly post-production materials. In the US, an … Read more

Anti-Fatigue Mats Do More than Just Reduce Back Aches

Workers who have to stand for a long time on concrete, tile or other hard surfaces are at risk for back aches. This includes production line employees, food service workers, dockworkers, and many others. Standing on your feet for long hours at a time can be both exhausting and excruciating. At the end of their … Read more

A Clean Warehouse Floor Is the Foundation for an Orderly Business

Have you ever walked into a vendor’s dock or warehouse and found dirty, stained, and unsanitary flooring? How did that make you feel about that business? Probably, it made you want to run out the door and never come back! Keeping the floors or your warehouse and dock clean at all times isn’t just good … Read more

Different Types of Waste Receptacles Server Different Purposes

There is more than just one type of trash can. In fact, there are dozens, each of which serves a unique purpose. In any workplace, there are likely to be a wide variety of waste receptacles, including large, durable hard plastic garbage cans for collecting industrial waste to compact, utilitarian garbage cans that are small … Read more

How to Combat Back Aches Caused by Standing

Anyone who has to stand for some or all of their shift at work is probably intimately familiar with back aches. That’s because standing for prolonged periods of time can put stresses on the back, as well as other areas of the body, causing the familiar soreness and stiffness. Backaches can happen to anybody, regardless … Read more

5 Essential Things You Need to Know about Chemical Spills

Many businesses use potentially dangerous chemicals every day. While usually these chemicals are safely controlled, in the event of an accidental spill they can put your employees, and your business, in real danger. Cleaning up chemicals the right way is essential to everybody’s safety. Here are five things you absolutely, positively need to know about … Read more

What’s New in Mop Bucket Technology?

You might think that mop buckets haven’t changed much in the past 50 or 100 years and, for the most part, you would be right. They still work pretty much the same: A reservoir of water and mechanical wringer to remove excess liquid from the mop head. But there have been some small, subtle changes … Read more

Efficient Waste Removal Can Improve Productivity and Safety

Every workplace generates trash. Some of this garbage is industrial waste that is a byproduct of the manufacturing process while others are just normal trash typically produced by human workers. In both instances, in order to maintain a safe and comfortable workspace, trash must be removed on a regular basis. Generally, this will be done … Read more