Efficient Waste Removal Can Improve Productivity and Safety

trash binEvery workplace generates trash. Some of this garbage is industrial waste that is a byproduct of the manufacturing process while others are just normal trash typically produced by human workers.

In both instances, in order to maintain a safe and comfortable workspace, trash must be removed on a regular basis. Generally, this will be done at least once per shift, but you may require more frequent garbage removal if you generate an unusual amount of trash on a daily basis.

Ask the Experts

What’s the best way to remove the trash? One of the easiest ways to plan your trash removal procedure and schedule is to ask the experts: ┬áThe people who remove your garbage every day.

Your maintenance or sanitation crew is the most experienced and knowledgeable about how much garbage is produced in your factory or warehouse every day. So they are the people with the best ideas about removing it efficiently and safely.

Generally, there is one central location where all or most of the trash is dumped, such as a dumpster area. To optimize efficiency, it’s important that the most amount of trash can be collected and dumped in the fewest number of trips.

This usually requires a standardized schedule and route for your garbage collection. In many workplaces, a sanitation or maintenance worker will roll a wheeled trash cart along this route and empty each trash can along the route into it, terminating in the dumpster area where the cart is emptied.

Using the Appropriate Waste Disposal Containers

The waste disposal containers you use should be able to accommodate the type of trash you are disposing. For example, if you are dumping hit slag or melted plastic byproducts of your manufacturing process, you probably don’t want to deposit them into plastic containers that can melt or be damaged or destroyed by the waste.

Similarly, garbage containers need to be large enough to hold all of the trash they will receive in between the times they are emptied. But they shouldn’t be too big, otherwise they can interfere with the efficient operations of the area in which they are located.

Waste Carts

Wheeled waste carts also come in many different sizes and materials. The ones you choose for your operation will depend on your specific needs. Once again, when selecting the right waste cart for your business, it’s often helpful to ask the people using this equipment on an everyday basis.

Letting your maintenance staff or environmental services crew select their own equipment will make them feel empowered and also will prevent them from complaining later that you picked out the wrong carts.

Recycling Plastic and Glass Bottles

In some places, recycling is the law. But it’s also a good idea in all places.

Consider installing separate recycling bins for plastic, metal and glass bottles and other recyclables. In many instances, a separate recycling bin is installed next to or near the main garbage dumpster so that it can be conveniently removed by your waste removal service.