Safely Lift and Transport Heavy Loads Indoors with an Electric Rider – Part 2

An electric rider does all the heavy lifting for you. Electric Rider Lift Codes Electric riders are divided into categories or lift codes. They are available in lift code numbers 1, 4, 5 and 6. Electric riders under lift code 1 are stand up forklifts. These lift trucks have their counterbalance weights integrated within the … Read more

Safely Lift and Transport Heavy Loads Indoors with an Electric Rider – Part 1

Find electric riders at Bahrns Equipment. The electric rider or class 1 forklift is ideal for lifting heavy loads in indoor environments such as warehouses and silos. For businesses that unload and transport large amounts of items and supplies every day, a forklift like the electric rider is an indispensable tool. The electric rider is … Read more

Tackling the Big Jobs in Materials Handling – Part 1

You may be surprised by the numbers and varieties of goods and equipment that a large warehouse supplies company can deliver its customers. Of course it will offer disposable supplies such as cardboard boxes and other packaging materials and warehouse essentials such as shelving units and storage cabinets. In addition, however, the company will rent, … Read more

Toyota’s New 8 Series Electric Forklift

In March of 2010 Toyota Material Handling presented its new line of electric forklifts in Irvin, California.   These forklifts are available in 4,000 and 6,500 pound load capacities.   This introduction also included a new 5,500 pound model.  This new model fits virtually any indoor material handling need. Delivering longer run times and quicker acceleration, this … Read more

Lift Truck Safety

A forklift or lift truck is a serious piece of industrial equipment that needs to be operated and maintained carefully. Operators of lift trucks should be regularly reminded of the common safety hazards that can occur, so that accidents and injury are prevented. The first line of defense against fork lift hazards is to perform … Read more

Material Handling – Loading Dock Safety 101

Loading docks are busy areas for material handling, with many people going in and out. Packaging, lift trucks, pallet wrap systems, and other types of industrial equipment are often found nearby.  Because of the high-level of activity that occurs around loading docks, and the speed of which people are trying to load and unload trucks, … Read more

Battery Power and Your Forklift

Your business depends on many things for its efficiency and profitability. One of these is your forklift operation.  As a piece of industrial equipment, a forklift is a valuable tool, and as such it needs to be in good running order for all of the demands placed on it.  Therefore, experiencing any unscheduled downtime for … Read more

Safety Equipment – Electric Pallet Jacks & Your Operation

Business owners understand that safety equipment is a vital part of their operations and material handling. An electric pallet jack allows your employees to move heavy goods easily, without the risk of injury related to manual lifting. An electric pallet jack also protects goods from being damaged, by providing a strong, sturdy lift system that … Read more

Order pickers – When You Should Use This Specialized Type of Forklift

A forklift is an essential component of industrial equipment, and an order picker has a unique function that can be of great benefit to your material handling needs.  An order picker is essentially a specially designed type of forklift. This lift truck is used for retrieving goods from vertical shelves, such as a pallet rack … Read more

Styles of Pallets for Material Handling

Pallets are an essential part of your material handling activities, and there are number of considerations when choosing the style of pallet for your business.  You want to balance cost and usefulness when deciding on the type of pallet you need.  There are four basic styles to choose from. The first style is a plastic … Read more