Safety Equipment – Electric Pallet Jacks & Your Operation

Toyota electric pallet jackBusiness owners understand that safety equipment is a vital part of their operations and material handling. An electric pallet jack allows your employees to move heavy goods easily, without the risk of injury related to manual lifting. An electric pallet jack also protects goods from being damaged, by providing a strong, sturdy lift system that stabilizes them during transportation from place to place in your warehouse.

An electric pallet jack is a much less costly piece of safety equipment for moving inventory than a traditional forklift or order picker lift truck system. Even though they are a less complex tool for material handling, safety precautions must still be followed vigorously to ensure that no harm comes to your workers, and that goods are not damaged.

An electric pallet jack is an excellent addition to any warehouse or loading dock, because they allow heavy goods to be moved quickly. This enhances your bottom line by improving productivity, reducing injuries, and avoiding damage to valuable goods. The electric pallet jack means that your material handling activities are completed in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The most vital thing to remember when using an electric pallet jack is to adhere to the manufacturer’s specified weight capacities. In addition, your employees need to be instructed never to exceed the stated capacity of this small piece of industrial equipment, in the hopes of saving time, or because they are in a rush.  Most electric pallet jacks will come with a weight capacity plate that clearly indicates what the maximum load size should be.  Also, any workers who will be using the pallet jack must be properly trained in its operation. It may seem like a simple piece of industrial equipment but it can still be dangerous if improperly used. Training will also help workers avoid equipment malfunctions, which can result in injuries. The manufacturer will provide material that you can use to train your workers in proper use of the jack, and this material should be covered thoroughly.

Finally, anyone who will be using the electric pallet jack should review the owner’s manual before operating it. Different manufacturers will have different specifications and design features, so reviewing these details is essential to safe and proper operation. This information is vitally important in getting the best use out of the electric pallet jack, and in doing any troubleshooting along the way.

So the next time you are considering your safety equipment, be sure to include an electric pallet jack and follow proper safety guidelines. It will be one of the smaller pieces of your industrial equipment, but it is an excellent way to manage your material handling needs, safely and efficiently, thereby improving the bottom line of your industrial equipment, but it is an excellent way to manage your material handling needs, safely and efficiently, thereby improving the bottom line of your business.

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