Tackling the Big Jobs in Materials Handling – Part 1

You may be surprised by the numbers and varieties of goods and equipment that a large warehouse supplies company can deliver its customers. Of course it will offer disposable supplies such as cardboard boxes and other packaging materials and warehouse essentials such as shelving units and storage cabinets. In addition, however, the company will rent, lease and sell heavy equipment, including forklifts and other equipment that is used in the warehouse and trucks, aerial lifts and other heavy-duty equipment that is needed on the job site.
Choose the right Forklift for multiple tasks.
Any good warehouse supplier will know everything there is to know about forklifts. Without a forklift, no warehouse would be able to operate productively and efficiently. Even a standard forklift must be able to handle payloads of up to 18,000 pounds and still be compact enough to maneuver through the aisles between pallet racks.
There are many other styles of forklifts as well as the more common warehouse forklift. Outdoors and on construction sites, there are all terrain forklifts. Indoors, the compact forklift has to be able to carry a heavy payload through spaces as small as an average doorway and be able to maneuver in spots as tight as an elevator. It has to be able to do all this and also have an ergonomic design that minimizes driver fatigue and maximizes driver safety and comfort.