Bishamon EZ Loader Pallet Positioner Creates Productivity!

Working on a conveyor line placing packaged products onto a pallet positioned on the floor can cause many aches and pains at the end of the day. Multiply it by five days a week and one might need the weekend just to allow their body to heal.

One might encounter the rigors of handling, twisting, bending, stretching, and placing light weight up to the extremely heavy products on to the pallet. To equal out the load without damage, the workers have to walk around the pallet to strategically position the product as the pallet is gradually filled. This procedure is repeated hundreds of time throughout each day by each person on the line. The labor intensive activity creates work fatigue and eventually leads to a load being partially damaged. Why? An injury needs attention and when attention shifts partially from the task at hand things have a tendency to get overlooked.

Bishamon EZ Loader Pallet Positioner
Eliminate stress related injuries and increase efficiency Bishamon EZ Loader Pallet Positioner.

Now take the very same job on the same conveyor line, but sprinkle it with some ergonomics. With the addition of a few Bishamon EZ Loaders you can decrease injury and fatigue while increasing safety and production.

This back-saving piece of machinery allows your workers to stack the pallet on top of the Bishamon EZ Loader Pallet Positioner which will automatically lower as weight and load height is progressively increased. This accommodates ones comfort level while assembling the shipment while the rotating top deletes twisting and walking around the pallet as the load reaches capacity.

Less worker fatigue equals an increase in production and makes the company more money across the board as well as happier workers who will be able to enjoy their weekends rather than recover from the work week.