How to choose ISO-approved equipment

Few things can be as confusing and challenging and ISO regulations. Your clients demand that your facilities be ISO-certified, so not going ISO is not an option. As if getting ISO-certified wasn’t a big enough headache, you need to make sure that your equipment is also ISO certified. How would you like to spend twenty … Read more

Why wet-dry shop vacs are perfect in any facility

No matter how many new home gadgets and tools come to market, there are few that are as useful as the good-old shop vac. There’s no reason why every business shouldn’t have at least one shop vac on hand as well. They are inexpensive, and once one is available for use, those who use it … Read more

How to Choose the Right Ice Melter

While it may seem like Winter 2014 will never be over, spring is right around the corner (hopefully). In the meantime, we all still need to deal with freezing temperatures and icy surfaces. Using salt and other chemicals to melt ice that forms on roads, walkways and other surfaces is something practically every business does. … Read more

Why Every Business Needs a Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

If yours is like most businesses, you probably already have a mop and mop bucket in your supply closet. This is the same type of cleaning equipment that has been used since at least the 18th Century to clean up spills and accidents. But should your business really be depending on 300-year-old cleaning technology to support your operations? You … Read more

Extend the Life of Your Hoses with Hose Reels

Hoses are essential for keeping your warehouse or manufacturing facility clean and sanitary, or for filling water tanks or other equipment. But if they are not properly stored they can often be easily damaged or prematurely worn by being trampled upon or being run over by forklifts, pallet jacks and other heavy equipment. Most companies … Read more

Choosing the Proper Work Light for the Job

If you are working in non-illuminated area of your plant or warehouse or working outdoors during non-daylight hours, you are going to need to use a work light. The type of work light you choose depends on the type of job you are performing. While work lights come in a variety of strengths and sizes, … Read more

Industrial Floor Sanitation and Safety

When it comes to the cleanliness and safety of floor space in industrial production facilities and warehouses, operators could learn a lot from their local fast food restaurant. In most corner hamburger joints, if there is a spill of any kind, workers are trained to clean it up immediately and make sure the surface is completely clear … Read more

Proper Warehouse Lighting

Lights… Camera… Action! If the movie biz understands the importance of lighting then how important do you think it is to your daily operations? You can never underestimate the importance of lighting. Ever. Lighting appears to be an afterthought, something which serves a small yet insignificant role which is, of course, not true. When you … Read more